No Wuckin’ Furries Mate

Today was our last official day of shooting on the Lightroom Adventure: Tasmania. Winston, Matt, and I headed to an Australian Rules Football game in Ulverstone. It was a league match with Devonport and a blast. I think have a new favorite sport. I understand there’s even a US league and a team in SF.
AFL is kind of a full contact soccer meets rugby with lots of scoring and precious few penalties. The players wear no pads and never stop running. Next door there was a much quieter game of bowls going on. I left the footy to Winston, who is a sports photographer, and I stuck with the bowling.

After the game we drove home, stopping along the way at Cradle Mountain to look for wildlife. We found it in the rotund shape of a wombat.

These peaceful little creatures are marsupials, but they seem to like humans, too. Winston took this shot of the wombat wobbling my way, which gave me a bit of a scare until Matt told me they only chewed on grass.

If you’re in Tas, don’t forget our little soirée tomorrow from 5-7p at the Henry Jones Art Hotel. We’ll be auctioning the best prints (including a few of mine) to benefit the Save the Tasmanian Devil fund. And I’ll be glad to hang out after for a final Cascade with anyone who cares to join me.

I head for home on Monday and it’s going to be sad to leave Tasmania. I’ll take plenty of memories of a wonderful land and friendly people with me.

If you’d like to see the photographers with whom I’ve been travelling, visit the Gallery on Mikkel’s xyzadventures site. Or visit my photo gallery for my favorite shots and my new best friends, human and animal.

I’m gonna miss you Tazzie!