SD-5 Video

sd5.jpgOK, finally, an example of an HD movie from the Panasonic HDC-SD5 video camera. It’s a 3-CCD camera that records 1920×1080 HD video to SD card in AVCHD.
This isn’t a perfect example because it’s been edited in iMovie and exported as a 960×540 H.264 Quicktime movie. The original is higher resolution, but the size is too big to post. I suspect most people will end up using this size anyway.

Views of Vancouver 60 seconds: Download Quicktime – 27.9MB

As I’ve said before, I love this camera. It’s compact and takes excellent video. The optical image stabilization works very well. For example, in the video above, the sequence with the photographer and woman on the Vancouver bridge was shot handheld zoomed all the way out.

The camera doesn’t have a dedicated audio connector – so you’re stuck with the on camera audio, but it’s just right as a family camera. A really, really, high-quality family camera.

Gun Fight At The Lab

Dr. Tiki, Jeff Macpherson, shows off his mad editing skillz in this clip from The Lab With Leo starring Kate Abraham and Matt Harris.

Watch show 108 to see how he did it. (I’ll get you the air date as soon as I learn it.)

Torrents Made Easy

Miro screen shot
Miro (formerly The Democracy Player) is a great way to get video content using P2P. They seem to have excellent taste in shows, too, but I wonder where they’re getting the HD version?

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Randy Pausch is a professor of virtual reality and video game design at Carnegie Mellon University. He’s the creator of the amazing Alice 3D programming language for kids. He has three kids of his own, 5, 2, and 1. Professor Pausch is also dying of pancreatic cancer.
Last week he gave his “Last Lecture” at CMU, telling his students what he’d learned in his life:

If you’re a subscriber to the Wall St Journal online you can read Jeffrey Zaslow’s moving piece about the lecture there, including video. Pausch’s own home page is here.

What an beautiful story and an amazing person. This is what being a teacher – no, being a human – is all about.