Lightroom Adventure – Day 1

The adventure doesn’t officially begin until Friday, but photographers are trickling into Hobart one by one. Yesterday there were only five of us, British Photographer of the Year, Jackie King, National Geographic wizard, Bruce Dale, Lightroom wiz and all around innovator, Peter Krogh, brilliant Japanese photographer and documentarian, Aihara Masaaki, and our host, Mikkel Aaland. You’ll see images from all five in the video I whipped together from our first foray into Hobart last night.

Peter did that amazing 135 image montage of our plane landing in Hobart. The infrared images are by Bruce Dale. Many of the rest of the stills are from Mikkel Aaland. I shot and edited the video using the new Canon HV30 and Apple’s iMovie ’08. Thanks to Inverted Silence/Jim Kang for the song Berimbau.

We’ve been having so much fun, and the adventure has barely begun. If you’re in Hobart, please join us for our closing reception Sunday evening, 13 April at the Henry Jones Art Hotel. We’ll have prints on exhibition and for sale to benefit Save the Tasmanian Devil.

I spent part of the day exploring the waterfront and just got back from the Female Factory and the Cascade brewery. We’re going to do some Lightroom work tonight and I’ll start posting images tomorrow.


Time stops at Grand Central…

I usually think public art is kind of silly and show-offy. Not this. Wow!

Bill Gates Farewell Video

The best thing about Bill Gates’s keynotes at Comdex and CES were always the videos. He ends his run at Microsoft with a doozey featuring Clinton, Obama, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, and even Bono. And you have to love Bill Gates as Wolverine.

I’m A Night Elf Mohawk

Well, maybe Mr. T hacked the game and created a Mohawk class. Maybe Mr. T is pretty handy with computers. Had that occurred to you Mr. Condescending Director?


I’ve been looking for the best way to put video into this blog. I was hoping for some sort of Flash capture built-into WordPress that would let me host the videos here (as I’ve mentioned before I like the idea of keeping all my content locally just in case), but all the plug-ins I can find host somewhere else. With that the case it seems easiest to use iMovie to record the video then use it post it directly to YouTube. I guess Google will be around as long as I will anyway. Then I can embed the video here. That’s what I did below.

It takes a while for YouTube to digest the video, but at least I get the embed code right away. Of course I need something to say, too, but maybe as I get used to the idea of video blogging I’ll find my voice.