Scoble And The Weather

Robert Scoble is like the weather. Everyone complains about him, but no one can do anything about him. (I kid.)
Part one of the interview I did with Scoble for is online. Part two should be up tomorrow. If you missed my MMacworld keynote, many of the things I talked about appear in this show…

Man do I need a haircut.

The rest of the keynote made its way into this podcast interview I did last night with the Weather Brains (four TV meteorologists who have a very entertaining audio show about weather).

Weatherbrains Episode 155

Follow the Weatherbrains on Twitter: James Spann, JB Elliott, Brian Peters, Kevin Selle. I thank them for their hospitality.

France Montage

The Animoto treatment on some of my pictures from France.

You can see the whole set on SmugMug and the highlights on Flickr.

UPDATE: The ad is gone now – and I remixed it with much better results. Each time you remix you get a different version and I find it’s often worth trying it a few times for the best result.

2008 in 40 seconds

2008 was a difficult, contentious, exciting, and ultimately momentous year, but while the affairs of men boil away, life and nature serenely continue on. This beautiful time lapse movie from Erik Sondheim really captures the eternal heartbeat of life.
It’s worth the trip to Erik’s site to see how he did it and watch the full two minute HD version. Good news: he just got a 5D Mark II so next year’s video should be even more mind boggling.

Here’s to a happy, peaceful, and prosperous 2009 for all of us all over the world.

Home Again

I’m back from France and a wonderful visit with Abby. She’s studying there until May, so it was a real treat to spend some time with her. She’s acclimated wonderfully, and her French is excellent.
Henry and I came home yesterday. We left Jennifer behind because she lost her passport on Friday and couldn’t get a new one until today. She’ll fly back tomorrow, but I have a feeling she’s probably glad of some extra time in Paris with Abby. I know I would be.

I took well over 1000 pictures with the 5D Mark II. I’ll be sorting and posting over the next few days. I didn’t spend as much time taking pictures as I thought, though. I was having too much fun visiting Abby and la belle pays, France.

Meanwhile here’s something to tide you over. A little video Myra Joyce made for us… Happy Holidays!

Qik and Quicker

Qik just sent me a beta release of their new iPhone app. You can use it to stream live video from the iPhone. It’s viewable at and is stored there as well. This does not require jailbreaking – this is an official app that will be available in the iTunes App store soon.
Considering there’s no video recording on the iPhone, this is pretty amazing. Here’s my first attempt. One thing I’ve learned: hold the phone still!

I’m looking forward to using this to stream video when I’m out and about. You can follow twitlive on Twitter for notices when I stream live from the phone.