Election 2008 On TWiT Live

We’ll be streaming live election coverage beginning right after net@night tonight at 7p Eastern/4p Pacific/2400 UTC on TWiT Live.
Our joint coverage with social|median will feature founder and former White House staffer, Jason Goldberg. Our special focus: tech and the election.

Scheduled guests include Jim Brady, Managing Editor, WashingtonPost.com, Brian Reich, Author: MediaRules, Terri MacMillan, Modern Media Japan.com, with an overseas perspective, Alan Silberberg, CEO, You2Gov, Julius Genachowski live from the Obama party in Chicago.

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The Armenian Domain Registry has come through.
You can now start using twit.am for the live audio stream. The following URL works in WinAmp, VLC, MPlayer, xine, xmms, iTunes, and most other Shoutcast/Icecast compatible players.


You can use the free FStream player on iPhone, or Nullriver’s $6 Tuner Internet Radio (which I like a lot). I understand the media player on Nokia phone works. And many other phones can use Moodio.fm‘s free conversion service for listening.

TWiT-AM Is On The Air

I like to use my days off to work on projects that I just don’t have time to get to otherwise. This morning I set up an audio server for the TWiT Live show that’s compatible with the iPhone and other portable devices. This is something many of you have been asking for, even Dane! It’s up now if you’d like to give it a try.


This URL will work in iTunes, WinAmp, and other Shoutcast/Icecast compatible players.

CC52CDCC-E8F2-4D07-8AAE-9456E935D9DD.jpgI’ve been listening on the iPhone using NullRiver’s $5.99 Tuner Internet Radio (which is quite good for other streams, too, by the way).

According to Randal Schwartz, the free FStream works, too, but I haven’t been able to figure it out myself. (UPDATE: I was adding .m3u to the URL – that confused Fstream, just use http://twit.am/listen.)

The stream works great, even on 3G while driving around. I’m sending a 64kbps stream, so it might not work as well on Edge (UPDATE: worked fine as a drove around Petaluma even with Edge!). I’d love to get some listening reports.

For folks who want the technical details, I’ve set up a dedicated server at Softlayer with a gigabit connection and icecast2. 4TB a month will cost me about $400. That’s enough for 4000 listeners at 64kbps 24×7. If we need more I’ll get more.

F4F0C7F4-E9CC-4632-B5D7-C904616329C3.jpgListeners will connect to this server, but the content will be sent to the server from our studios using a Barix Instreamer hardware encoder. The encoder takes the output of my mixer, turns it into MP3 audio, then uses the T1 to send it to the server.

This should be a pretty reliable setup. I’ll send live audio when we’re on the air, and TWiT podcasts when we’re not. We’re in beta right now – at least until the Barix arrives and the twit.am URL propogates, but I would like your feedback, pro and con.

TWiT Live Sidebar Gadget

Thanks so much to Justin Belec who wrote a handy little TWiT Live sidebar gadget for Vista.
This gadget lets you listen along to TWiT Live without taking up much screen real estate. When you need it you can pop-up our official programming calendar or zoom the video open.

Download Justin’s Vista Sidebar Gadget here:

TWiT Live Gadget

Justin says it’s beta, so give him your feedback in the comments. (I’ve already told him “calendar” is misspelled.) Incidentally, it’s for Vista-32 bit only. Apparently there’s no 64-bit version of Flash.

Windows, Mac, and Linux users can also use Peter Elst’s TWiT Live Air App for a full screen window.

Bearhug Camp Live

Today is an important landmark in the world of open micro-blogging/messaging (think Twitter without limits). The first Bearhug Camp will bring all the players together, Twitter, Laconica, Microsoft, Google, and more, to talk about the future of XMPP, track, and open micro-blogging. Watch live all day on TWiT Live. And join the conversation on our own microblog (thanks to Laconica), the TWiT Army.

24 Hours of iPhone

I’m going live in a few hours and won’t be off the air until tomorrow.
We’re calling this insanity “24 Hours of iPhone.” Starting at 10a today (July 10) I’ll be doing my usual Thursday slate of shows on TWiT Live, including Roz Rows, Windows Weekly, and Jumping Monkeys. But in between shows, I’ll also be talking with folks waiting in line for the new iPhone. Then at 3p Pacific we go live with wall-to-wall coverage of the iPhone launch.

The first 3G phones are already being sold in New Zealand and as Apple Stores open at 8am local time worldwide we’ll be talking with folks in line. We’re also giving away store credit for 10 iPhones, each with $100 credit toward Audible audio books to random callers during the program, thanks to our fantastic sponsor Audible.com

At 5p Pacific/8 Eastern/midnight UTC we’ll be talking with Steve Wozniak about his new iPhone. Other special guests will join us through the night. I’ll continue until the last Apple store opens its doors in Honolulu, Hawaii, at 11a Eastern Friday July 11.

Join us for this marathon celebration of the launch of the iPhone 3G on TWiT Live!

TWiT Live AIR App

Thanks to Peter Elst who made this Adobe Air app for watching TWiT Live. This should work on Windows or OS X…
[airbadge]TwitLive, http://leoville.com/wp-content/uploads/twitlive-air/TwitLive.air, 1.5, null[/airbadge]

If you don’t have AIR already installed the installer will download and install it first, then install the TWiT Live app. After installation you’ll have an application on your system with two tabs. The first tab shows the live stream with an attached chat window. Tab two contains the always-updated TWiT Live calendar.

Thanks to Peter Elst for a very handy app!

Top 10 Reasons Why There’s No TWiT Live Today

10. I did 20 hours of video in the past two days and I’m exhausted.
9. It’s time to give someone else a chance on Stickam.

8. My Energizers finally ran out.

7. There’s no more room under my desk to store the pee.

6. It’s been a month since I’ve answered my email.

5. My wife is coming home and I’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

4. I’m paraskevidekatriaphobic and I’m planning to run for the cure.

3. It’s half-price day at Keny’s Donuts.

2. Metal Gear Solid 4 beckons.

and the number one reason I’m taking today off…

Sometimes a guy’s just got to sit around naked.

WWDC Coverage

We’re going to test out TWiT Live’s live coverage capability Monday, June 9, at 9:30a Pacific/12:30p Eastern/1630 UTC, with live commentary on Steve Jobs’s keynote at WWDC. Join Andy Ihnatko, John Moltz (formerly of Crazy Apple Rumors), and me as we watch the keynote together (we won’t be in the room but we’ll be following it on the web along with everyone else). After the speech ends, Chris Breen of Macworld Magazine, who will be in the room will give us his impressions.

UGM 2008

Ten years ago we launched ZDTV (which later became TechTV) and The Screen Savers, its most popular show. We wanted to begin with a bang, so Kate Botello and I decided to build the “Ultimate Gaming Machine” basing it on Lloyd Case’s design from Computer Gaming World. In 1998, that meant a PII 400 Mhz, 128 MB of RAM, and a fabulously expensive widescreen Sony CRT (and a price tag of over $10,000). Here’s what it looked like back then…

There have been 9 UGMs built since then, the most recent for Attack of the Show in 2005 (which cost around $6000 and was a lot faster). Since I’m launching TWiT Live 10 years later I thought it would be fun to see what the UGM would look like these days. Only this time, we’re going to let you build it.

Starting Friday, June 6, we’ll be inviting you to pick the parts for UGM 2008. From processors, to motherboard, to video and sound system, the choice will be yours. We’ll spend a couple of hours debating the merits of each component, with expert commentary to help you decide, then when we reach consensus we’ll buy it. At the end of the month we’ll assemble our creation and then give it away to some lucky TWiT Live viewer.

I’m not sure exactly how we’ll give it away. I know I mentioned this on TWiT and proposed a crazy scheme to get me more followers on Twitter. All I can say is I must have been drunk. It won’t be necessary to follow me, or Dvorak, and it definitely won’t be necessary to unfollow Kevin. I’m going to check with the legal department and find a fair way to do this that doesn’t require anyone to join Twitter!

We’ll kick things off Friday, June 6, at 3p Pacific, 6p Eastern, 2200 UTC with a processor showdown. AMD or Intel, which will it be? I’ll have experts on both sides then I’ll ask you to decide. June 13 it’s Motherboards and Memory. June 20th, video cards and monitors. June 27th storage and peripherals. We’ll finish the machine on the 4th of July, choose the best five games for it, and award it to a lucky winner.

So join us Fridays starting in June as we recreate one of the most loved bits we ever did on The Screen Savers. It should be a lot of fun, and who knows, you could walk away with UGM 10!