TWiT Army Twhirl

I just got the email I’ve been waiting for from Marco Kaiser on the Twhirl team. There’s a new beta of Twhirl that supports the TWiT Army microblog.
[airbadge]Twhirl 0.8.6,, 0.8.6,

The new Twhirl beta also supports inline track messages via IdentiSpy with a cool little flame icon.

Incidentally, we’ll be talking more about XMPP, track, and the future of open micro-messaging all day today at Bearhug Camp. You can watch Bearhug Camp live on TWiT Live.

Marco’s message follows:

I’m happy to tell you that we can make a version of twhirl available now that supports generic installations. We do not push this out through our automatic update process, but give you the chance to give it to your TWiT Army users first. Loic will also put up a post on his blog today to spread this version a bit. The intention is to get some feedback first from users that point it to various installations. If everything works well, we’ll release the official update very soon.

Here is some info about the new version:

This new version 0.8.5 supports generic installations. To add an account for a service, select “” from the drop down list of services, and enter the name as follows: @. Should the site be installed at “”, and your username is “leo”, then enter “”. Press Return or click the “+” button to add it to the list of accounts.

Twhirl will automatically find the site at the given domain and use its API. If you use XMPP to get updates from that site, simply add your account information to the Network tab of the account’s configuration, and twhirl will receive and display them. If you use the identiSpy service from Dustin Sallings to get tracking for identica or TWiT Army, you’ll now also see these messages in your timeline (tracked items have a small flame icon in the top right hand corner). If you don’t want to see tracked messages in twhirl, just disable the “show tracked messages” option on the Network tab.

There is one small thing special to your site: twhirl has a small icon it displays in the title bar for accounts. I hope that will have a feature soon that allows to do this for every site; currently this is manually added to twhirl.

UPDATE: For further instructions on getting Track to work with Twhirl and the TWiT Army, check out Mykel’s very informative TWiT Army Twhirl instructions. Thanks, Mykel!