UGM 2008

Ten years ago we launched ZDTV (which later became TechTV) and The Screen Savers, its most popular show. We wanted to begin with a bang, so Kate Botello and I decided to build the "Ultimate Gaming Machine" basing it on Lloyd Case's design from Computer Gaming World. In 1998, that meant a PII 400 Mhz, …

This Old Post

I love the "This Day on Leoville" section of this blog. Not because I enjoy pouring poring over my old semi-literate posts, but because it's a time machine that takes me back to a magical era when TechTV was new and the sweet scent of possiblity was everywhere. Or maybe that's just the smell of …

Twiting Morgan’s Arm

I ran into Morgan Webb at the airport this evening. I was on my way to Vancouver to tape The Lab. She was just arriving from LA. I haven't seen Morgan in three years, but there's always a bond between ex-TechTVers! (Postscript: she took my advice and six months later launched Webb Alert!

Missing TechTVer

I just received this disturbing news. If any of you knows anything please help... CNET editor and former Fresh Gear contributor and Lab analyst James Kim has been missing since Saturday. ANY word, especially from people in the Oregon area is appreciated. The information is all below from the official investigation by the SFPD. Missing …

Principles of Rotoscoping

A very cool rotoscope of me from the old Screen Savers. Thanks to theone3 on the TWiT forums for reminding me about this video!

Airheads Many people don't realize it, but my true calling is as a hair and makeup consultant. Here I give Amber a few tips and demonstrate the latest airbrush application techniques. Just remember kids, it's not how you feel, it's how you look... and you look marvelous!

Screen Savers Promo I recently came upon a cache of old Tech TV promos. Ah memories.

Call for Canada

The-New-Call-for-HelpersI'm very happy to report that I've agreed to host a daily show for G4/TechTV Canada starting later this summer. We'll produce the show here in Toronto. I'll fly up one week a month to shoot. It looks like the format will be very similar to Call for Help, and, yes, we'll be taking calls. Once we get the web site up and running there will be a place for you to submit your questions as before. Pictured at left, my co-hosts (and actual Canadians) the lovely Jelena Mihajlovic and the geeky Andy Walker.

More details to come. Stay tuned. Now we're off to see the Jays and the Dodgers. I'll post pictures.

Thanks, David!

Thanks to New York Times columnist (and good friend) David Pogue for his heartfelt column in the Thursday New York Times Circuits section. [free registration required - but it's worth it] David got it right with one exception. He writes:

In fact, G4TechTV is indeed in negotiations with Mr. Laporte about an increased role at the new network.

He's quoting a company spokesman, not me. I am not "in negotiations" with G4. We have a cordial relationship, but if they have plans for an increased role for me at the channel they're keeping it a secret. And you couldn't characterize our infrequent conversations as negotiations in any way.

I am, however, talking with a number of people about new TV shows. I'm hopeful something will come of that. I'll keep you posted when there's something more to say.

Call for Help Newsletter Madness

Help!First a disclaimer, I no longer work for G4/TechTV and have nothing to do with the newsletter and have no inside information, however... I am getting numerous emails from former subscribers to the Call for Help newsletter who are suddenly being flooded with email. I think what's happened is that Tom Merritt, the outgoing web producer, changed the newsletter from a daily email sent out to viewers, into a mailing list where everything that is sent to the list is broadcast out to each subscriber. Naturally this is a confusing change, and with a list this large it can generate an overwhelming amount of mail.

Do NOT send an unsubscribe message to the list - that will just be sent out to all subscribers and exacerbate the problem. Instead, follow the unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of the message.

[UPDATE: I have learned that this is not the MAIN Call for Help newsletter. That's no longer going out. This is a Yahoo! Groups newsletter that was created a couple of years ago when we changed newsletter providers. Fortunately all Yahoo! Groups emails have an unsubscribe link at the bottom.]