Back Live

I’m back from Australia so this weekend’s show will be live and your calls are welcome. We’ll also hear from our regulars and I’ll talk about the Lightroom Adventure, Australia, and what I’ve learned from some of the best digital photographers in the world. Call in at 1-88-88-ASK LEO, Saturday and Sunday 2-5p EDT on XM 158 and 50 of the best talk stations in the country.

In Like A Lion

We swing into March this weekend with Vista price cuts, news of Vista service pack 1, and the story of a guy who broke into a woman’s apartment to use her Internet… join me for shows 435 and 436 this weekend. Listen Saturdays and Sundays from 2-5p Eastern on XM Channel 158 or check our station listings for a station (or stream) near you.

A Look Back At 2007

This weekend on The Tech Guy I’ll be taking a look back at 2007 – all the wild and wacky tech stories. I’m on vacation, but we’ve recorded all new calls and segments, so join me for the last shows of the year on XM Satellite 158, KFI, KGO, and the best talk stations in the US!

December 22-23

santaleo.gifJust a few shopping days left til Christmas. We’ll be talking about last minute gift ideas on The Tech Guy this weekend, with visits from the Santa Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo and Gadget Guru, Ron Rosberg, photo expert Chris Marquardt, and home theater elf, Scott Wilkinson. Call in at 88-88-ASK LEO and listen in on XM Channel 158 (Sat and Sun 2-5p and 8-11p Eastern) and our other great stations including KFI, LA and KGO, SF.
Christmas Eve I’m flying to New England with my family to spend Christmas with my mom and sister, then it’s off to Egypt December 27 through January 6. We’ve recorded four new shows for you though, including an interview with Tim Ferris of the Four-Hour Work Week and my tech year in review and look ahead to 2008.