Utilikilt Alert

I’ve just learned from a reliable source that Patrick is going to be wearing the Utilikilt again tonight. Must be in honor of our LAN party on the show tonight. Either that or it’s sweeps.

Pat and Leo head to Joisey

Finally the details are in on where Patrick and I are appearing on Father’s day.
We’re at Clarion Hotel & Conference Center on Route 70 East in Cherry Hill doing two technology seminars. Pat does The Wired House of 2005 at 11am and I’ll be guessing at The Future of the Internet at 1:30pm.

The speeches are free but you do have to pre-register on the TechLive web site.

I hope we’ll see you there!

Patrick maims a computer

I’ve always known that Patrick has a violent streak but these pictures prove it!
Hard drive troubles? No problem! Just bite it!

Pancakes anyone?

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a sledge hammer to a PC.