Podcast Kommen Auch Ohne iPod Aus

Tages-Anzeiger article in GermanOne of the things I like best about netcasting is its global reach. Thanks to Markus Gruetter for this clip from today’s edition of the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger. I can’t read German but I think the gist of it is netcasting doesn’t require an iPod! (Update: Kyle Goetz has posted a translation on his blog.)
Screen shot from TV storyAnd thanks to Cedric Ingrand, the French TV journalist and host of Plein Ecran on LCI-TV for his story on podcasting featuring both Kevin Rose and me. There’s an English version on his blog. You can also subscribe to the French version on iTunes.

I’ve posted a copy on the English version on Cachefly. It’s a 116MB WMV file but well worth the download. I think it’s the best story I’ve ever seen about TWiT and this new medium. (There’s some good stuff about Revision3, too, including footage from the Rev3 party.)And I’ll be appearing on Mexican radio at 8:20 Central tonight with Ricardo Zamora López on DOMMO, his technology radio show on W Radio 96.9 F.M. Mexico City. (If you speak Spanish the audio is here.)And you know what everyone wants to talk about? Netcast vs Podcast!