Scoble And The Weather

Robert Scoble is like the weather. Everyone complains about him, but no one can do anything about him. (I kid.)
Part one of the interview I did with Scoble for is online. Part two should be up tomorrow. If you missed my MMacworld keynote, many of the things I talked about appear in this show…

Man do I need a haircut.

The rest of the keynote made its way into this podcast interview I did last night with the Weather Brains (four TV meteorologists who have a very entertaining audio show about weather).

Weatherbrains Episode 155

Follow the Weatherbrains on Twitter: James Spann, JB Elliott, Brian Peters, Kevin Selle. I thank them for their hospitality.

Security Now Do Over

There was an error in the editing of today’s Security Now. We pushed only the first third of the show. I’ve pulled it down and I’ll fix it in the morning. Apologies.
UPDATE: The full version has been uploaded and should be available for you in iTunes or on or in the Radio Leo player on the right.