Social|Median Election News

Amber and I interview Jason Goldberg of the new social news site Social|Median on tonight’s net@night (you can listen in the player to the right).

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Social|Median has just launched its Election 2008 site in conjunction with the Washington Post. It’s a great way to follow the election news. You can follow me there – I’m leolaporte.

Dipity Do!

Tomorrow on net@night (watch live at 4p Pacific/7p Eastern/11p UTC at Amber and I will be talking with Dipity – a new and very cool web service that turns your feeds into a timeline quickly and easily. You supply links to your Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, WordPress blog, or other feeds and Dipity automatically turns them into a timeline or flipbook of your life.
Here’s my Dipity timeline from the past year or so.

I wish this had been around 20 years ago – I’d love to go back that far. But then, 20 years from now I’ll have this!