Network Views

Watched a little bit of Broadcast News last night. Last time I saw it I wasn’t really working in TV. Now that I know the business better, I’m impressed with its accuracy. A former colleague consulted on the film and she got it right. I can even recognize some of my co-workers (or at least their types).
It’s filled with so many great lines. One of my favorite is when the new anchor, William Hurt, is talking with the chief correspondent, Albert Brooks. (Brooks has all the best lines):

“What do you do when reality exceeds your wildest dreams?” Hurt asks.

“Keep it to yourself,” says Brooks.

I’m keeping it to myself.

Traffic Stopper

Traffic was brilliant. Not only inspired movie making, but a thoughtful and balanced look at the war on drugs. Instead of promoting a position it eloquently showed both the devastation drugs cause and the futility of our government’s attempts to stop them. Benecio Del Toro is a bona fide star, and all the actors were marvelous. The cinema verite style was extremely effective, too. Hard to believe the same guy directed both this and Erin Brokovitch. I’m really glad I saw it. Highly recommended.