Dipity Do!

Tomorrow on net@night (watch live at 4p Pacific/7p Eastern/11p UTC at TWiTLive.tv) Amber and I will be talking with Dipity – a new and very cool web service that turns your feeds into a timeline quickly and easily. You supply links to your Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, WordPress blog, or other feeds and Dipity automatically turns them into a timeline or flipbook of your life.
Here’s my Dipity timeline from the past year or so.


I wish this had been around 20 years ago – I’d love to go back that far. But then, 20 years from now I’ll have this!

Oyez Oyez Oyez

One of my favorite sites for Internet audio is The Oyez Project. Here you can hear US Supreme Court arguments dating back to 1955 (when recording first began). The Bush vs Gore arguments are online there already. There something truly fascinating about listening to some of the most important issues in our history being argued before our highest court.
I first discovered that Supreme Court arguments were taped when I read May It Please the Court: The First Amendment. The book covers 15 key free speech cases and comes with four cassettes of the actual arguments. It sounds dull, but it’s not.

What does Oyez mean? It’s what the clerk of the court says before court sits. It’s a corruption of the Latin for “listen.” Click here to hear the Marshall of the US Supreme Court announce the arrival of the justices.