My First Radio(s)

Icom IC 92ADMy new HT radios have arrived from HRO: The Kenwood TH-D72A and Icom IC-92AD. I’ve turned them on and off a bunch of times but am too afraid to do anything else.
Kenwood TH-D72AThese handy-talkies are dual-band: VHF/UHF, the frequencies most suitable for Technicians. And since there are lots of FM repeaters in the mountains near Petaluma, there’s lots I can do with them. Not that I have yet.

I bought the Icom because it does D-Star, a packet-based digital voice and data protocol that’s new and gaining popularity. The Kenwood was Gordon West WB6NOA’s recommendation because it supports APRS, IRLP, Echo-Link and other popular digital technologies.

One of these days I’ll actually give them a try.