The Battle of Paris

The e-G8 SummitAs previously noted, I was honored and excited to have been invited to this week’s e-G8 summit in Paris, despite Cory Doctorow’s misgivings.
I felt it was important to go and represent the “free and open Internet” faction. It seems to me that we can’t complain about government intervention on the ‘net if we aren’t willing to come to the table and fight for our beliefs, and I had girded my loins for battle.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go due to a family emergency. Fortunately for us all, Jeff Jarvis is girding his very public loins in my place. (Along with, apparently, the original Internet freedom fighter, John Perry Barlow.)

Jeff has already joined battle, according to the Wall St. Journal:

During the Q&A session, one person asked the French president to “do no harm” when regulating the Internet. “I think what would harm you is not to recognize you as responsible citizens,” Mr. Sarkozy fired back.

Jeff will join us Wednesday from Paris on This Week In Google (1p Pacific/4p Eastern/2000 UTC on TWiT Live) to discuss the deliberations. I’ll follow with interest. I’m sorry to have let our side down, but I’m so glad there’s someone so much more eloquent speaking in my place.

Google Hates Us All

I guess I know what the topic will be on the radio show today.

UPDATE: Google’s response is here. Seems that someone left a slash ‘/’ on a line by itself in the list of spyware sites – which means all sites were flagged.The problem occurred from 6:30 to 7:25 Pacific Saturday morning.

This is an incredibly stupid error and shows how vulnerable the net is. Also, where do I turn off phishing filtering in my Google results?