I’ve been looking for the best way to put video into this blog. I was hoping for some sort of Flash capture built-into WordPress that would let me host the videos here (as I’ve mentioned before I like the idea of keeping all my content locally just in case), but all the plug-ins I can find host somewhere else. With that the case it seems easiest to use iMovie to record the video then use it post it directly to YouTube. I guess Google will be around as long as I will anyway. Then I can embed the video here. That’s what I did below.

It takes a while for YouTube to digest the video, but at least I get the embed code right away. Of course I need something to say, too, but maybe as I get used to the idea of video blogging I’ll find my voice.

Live with Andy and Kelly

I did Live! today. As sometimes happens, Regis was on vacation. I usually don’t find out until the day of. I think the staff is conditioned to downplay Regis’s vacations in case guests cancel. As it happens, Andy Richter, Regis’s guest host, was great. Very funny and actually interested in the stuff. Kelly was her usual gracious and warm self. They’ve already asked me to plan another appearance in February.
Henry went with me this time. He took some pictures, yesterday during rehearsal. This is of the audience area – but, of course, there’s no one there when we rehearse.

The Regis and Kelly audience area

The crew was readying the set for the holidays.

Getting the set ready for the holidays

This is their Christmas tree, before decorations.

Decorating the tree

I shot this video of Henry testing out the Karaoke machine.

Click to view Quicktime video (20 seconds)

Andy and Kelly had a great time with the karaoke machine. They also liked the Roomba robot vacuum and the Piano Avanti. Here’s a complete list of products I demoed on WNN and Live…