Don’t Go To L

A very interesting story is developing over L computers. We talked about it a little on The Screen Savers last night. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it more in the days to come.
The L site has attracted a lot of attention lately. It’s a very slickly designed site, strangely reminiscent of Apple’s page. The computers themselves are all from stock parts, but very weird stock parts: overclocked PIVs, solid state hard drives, refrigerator coolers, combined in unusual and even impossible ways (e.g. a PCI Express based RAM drive on a stock Intel mobo).

Forbes, MacCentral, and others seem to have been taken in by the promises of this company, although, as far as I can tell, no one has ever used an “L” computer. When I saw the site all sorts of alarm bells went off in my mind. After reading Sam Swett’s very thorough expose of the company and its founder, I’m even more suspicious.

I hope none of you have sent money to this company. If not, I would definitely wait for confirmation that they can actually manufacture these machines before giving them a credit card number. Do visit the site though – it’s a pretty masterful piece of work that will leave you asking, “what the L?”

Posted via Palm

For some time I’ve wanted a way to Blog via e-mail. I thought it would be cool to post from the road via Blackberry.
Still can’t do that with Greymatter, my blogging software, but thanks to AvantGo I can create entries on my Sony Clie and they’ll be posted when I sync. I have to write in Graffitti, which is kind of painful, but at least it’s mobile!

Next: an AvantGo channel.