Emerging From The Hall Of Justice?

Virgin America_s Virgin Americans.jpgKevin and Alex are featured in a new series of online ads for Virgin America.
As bloggers.

Other actual bloggers appearing in the ad are Xeni Jardin, Cory Doctorow, David Pescovitz, and Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing and Pete Rojas of Engadget. I hope they’re getting a bunch of money for it. Or at least free tickets.

Gun Fight At The Lab

Dr. Tiki, Jeff Macpherson, shows off his mad editing skillz in this clip from The Lab With Leo starring Kate Abraham and Matt Harris.

Watch show 108 to see how he did it. (I’ll get you the air date as soon as I learn it.)


Amber MacArthur and I will be making a personal appearance this week in Vancouver, BC on behalf of Future Shop.
amberstabsleo.jpgWe’ll be debating LCD vs Plasma and the Future of Television this Thursday, 27 September, from 11:30a-12:30p at the Futureshop store, 1740 West Broadway in Vancouver. The CBC’s Tod Maffin will be moderating (and keeping us from throwing any punches).

There’s very limited seating at the store – it’s first come, first serve – but you can also watch online at FutureShop.ca. Free registration required – limited to the first 1000 registrants.

If this goes well we may be doing events like this all across Canada.


Bill, David, Kerry, Leo, Bong, Hale, Marcqk, Scot, Rob
Trumbull College, 1974

My Three Hosts

Amber, some guy, and CaliIt’s been a great week in Toronto, but all too brief. The meetup on Tuesday, a talk with the seminarians at UofT’s Wycliffe College on Wednesday, TWiM on Thursday, then home on Friday. Oh and 15 Call for Help episodes in there somewhere, too. I’m breathless.

We miss Amber so much on Call for Help, but I did get to catch up with her, and record three(!) Inside the Net episodes, at the meetup. The first of those, a look at Nakama, a new moblogging site, will go up October 10.

We’re still searching for a Canadian replacement for Amber on Call for Help, but while we do we’re very fortunate indeed to have the poised and talented (and lovely) Cali Lewis of GeekBrief.tv filling in for her. Amber’s last episode and Cali’s first should be airing soon on G4techTV Canada and the HOW-TO Network in Australia. No truth to the rumor that we’re changing the show name to “Cali for Help.”

CNI Debuts Tuesday

Meanwhile Amber’s new show, City News International debuts Tuesday, October 10 on Citytv Canada-wide. She’ll be on every night. She tells me her US and Aussie fans can catch her pieces on the net every day – I’ll post a link as soon as I get one. Her live daily net culture segments on CP24 are also available on the live stream every weekday between 3:30 and 4p Eastern. Internet Exploder is required to watch that.

Check out her new blog/vlog Popnology. That’s also going to be the name of her new show on CP24. Great name! You’ll be able to subscribe to Popnology on iTunes soon, too.

I think flowers are in order, if not a Gemini award!

Bye Bye Wizard

I just received the sad news via MacMerc that the host of the Wizards of Technology and The Spoilers podcasts, Digital Bill Douthett, passed away yesterday.

Digital Bill was a great guy. An early podcaster who was always ready to spread a smile. I considered him a good friend. We’ll miss him very much.

Ric Yaeger at MacMerc has setup a fund to help cover the funeral expenses.