Bye-Bye Birdie

Dead-Twitter-Bird.pngI’m just done.

Yesterday I deactivated my Twitter account and kicked Tumblr to the curb. A couple of weeks ago I did the same with Instagram. A month or so before that I killed Facebook. And I survived. No, thrived!

Call me a recovering social media addict minus the withdrawal. I do have a read-only Twitter account with links to news sources. If someone famous dies, or there’s an earthquake, I can go there. Otherwise the daily spew of outrage and bile can go on without me.

If you used to follow me on one of those sites you can follow me here, instead. Or on I’m also playing with Mastodon – so far it’s much more civilized.

I’ll post my best pictures on Flickr and Smugmug. I’ll send actual postcards to my family (thanks to Bill Atkinson’s PhotoCard).

Lisa and I are heading out tonight for a cruise around the western Mediterranean. It’s my goal to post a picture a day here.


If The Donald has something to say he can leave it in the comments. See you in a month!

Do Not Like

Do Not LikeI said I never would do it, but there it is: a Facebook Like button (and a Send button, too) on each and every post here. I can’t help myself; those damn buttons drive too much traffic to ignore.
If it were a plant, scientists would call Facebook an invasive species, like kudzu. Kudzu is a Japanese vine that was introduced into the US 125 years ago. It’s taking over the Southeast US, spreading at the alarming rate of 150,000 acres a year. There’s nothing inherently wrong with kudzu. It’s just too damn successful.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook. It’s just taking over the Internet. And that I do not like.

Oh, and by the way, please Like this post!

Facebook Connected

connected-3.png I’ve turned on Facebook Connect (yes it only took a week after Amber told me about it) with the Disqus commenting system we use here. Now you can post a comment on the blog using your Facebook account for credentials. Despite all the attention Twitter gets in our neck of the digital woods, it seems to me that Facebook is building overwhelming momentum in the social media space. With 150 million plus users the network effect is really starting to kick in.
The success of Facebook also puts the lie to the widely accepted truism that Twitter competitor, FriendFeed, isn’t growing because it’s hard to use. I’d argue that Facebook is just as overwhelming to the new user but it rewards his or her initial struggle immediately and palpably due to the size of its network. Twitter succeeds for the same reason. It’s not simplicity, it’s simply the number of people who use the service.


Give our new Facebook Connect-powered commenting system a try and let me know what you think.

Drubbing In Progress

I love Scrabble, and have really been having fun with the Scrabulous application on Facebook.
I’m playing four games right now, and really losing one. To Dr. Tiki. He’s so good that he’s just toying with me now. All his moves have been for 20 and 30 points, but last move he played one for a measly eight. But I can see why.

Scrabble game in progress

He’s still winning by 23 points with just seven tiles left. Damn you Dr. Tiki.