Now Ecto Powered for My Enjoyment

If you can read this it means that Expression Engine now works with Ecto! Woo hoo! That removes the last obstacle to a five star rating for EE, the software that runs this blog.
I first found out about Expression Engine from Kevin Rose. I’d been looking for a new content management system for Leoville. Powered by Ecto I looked at Mambo (too elaborate), Plone (overkill), WordPress (too simple), and Postnuke (too fanboy) among others. EE was just right, and after a six months of use I’m even more impressed with the software. It’s robust, powerful, and easy to use. And with version 1.2 it supports the Blogger API (and a new gallery feature which I’ll try when I can come up for air in a few weeks). Thanks, Rick!

I’ll get a newscast up for you and a post about the cruise with pix ASAP.