How’s My Hair?

I came back to work yesterday for the first time since the layoffs and it was so weird. The halls were much quieter. Partly because there were fewer people. Partly because people are a little subdued. I greeted everyone I saw with “I’m glad you survived!” which puzzled a few people until they realized that this was my first day back. But I missed so many who would have been there.
Among the most missed, our hair, makeup, and wardrobe folks. It’s humiliating to admit this, but we have to do for ourselves these days. They laid off all the stylists. I doubt this situation will last long – it’s just too bizarre to have a production assistant pretend to apply makeup to our guests – but for now I have to do my own hair and makeup. Which explains the eccentric Elvis swoop in my forelock tonight. I just couldn’t do a thing with it.

Last week I went to the local M.A.C. cosmetics store to stock up. The good news is that I get a 30% trade discount. The bad news is I’m buying makeup for myself. In case you’re interested I wear NC 35 for concealer, apply studio fix NC 40 (a powder foundation), add contour with Symmetry Matte, then powder it whenever I get shiny with Dark Blot Powder #451. I wonder how Patrick is going to handle this when he gets back?

On a brighter note, cartoonist Rich Tennant, our guest tonight and the creator of The 5th Wave, did a cartoon of Patrick and me. What an honor.

Cartoon of Leo and Pat

I think my hair looks pretty realistic, don’t you?