I went down to Cupertino this afternoon to get a briefing and demo of Leopard. And a copy. I'm installing it now. I haven't played with the betas, but I have to say I was very very impressed. More to come.

Not Dead Yet

People seem to have misinterpreted my "dead cow" analogy and are assuming that I bricked my iPhone. Nope. I have both the original iPhone, upgraded to 1.1.1, and the unlocked iPhone still and forever at 1.0.2. I'm donating the latter to The Lab for further experimentation. I'll keep the locked phone around so I can …

The First VTR

I had a little time to kill before my flight to LA today, so I was finally able to stroll through the early audio exhibit in the United concourse at SFO (on the way to gates 76-90). Lots of interesting historic items including this first videotape recorder. When Apmex showed this to television executives in …

Hot spot

I'm getting some really great stills with my new Nokia N93i (on loan from Vox). Can't wait to see what the N95 I've ordered can do. Click for full-res image

Mobile Blogging

The Vox folks have lent me a Nokia N93 for my trip to Regis and Kelly and the Geek Cruise. It does pretty fair video and stills, but even better, it has a direct link to Vox so it's easy to post. Get ready for a flood of marginally interesting shaky cam posts. Like this.

Green Laser

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Green Laser
Green Laser,
originally uploaded by Leo Laporte.

Expression Engine (my former CMS) had built-in moblogging -- that is uploading from a camera phone. But I think that with ShoZu and Flickr I can get some of the same functionality, although not automatically.

ShoZu installs on the camera phone and automatically uploads to my Flickr account. Then I can use the Flickr "Blog This" button to create a blog entry that interfaces to Drupal via the Metaweblog API.

If you're looking at a glass of ice water illuminated by one of Woz's green lasers... it worked!