Leo w6twtMy vanity call sign, W6TWT, became official today! Thanks to Bob Heil K9EID, Gordo West WB6NOA, and Tracy at w5yi.org for their help in securing an amazing call sign. (FCC ULS Listing)
I’ve registered W6TWT.org, W6TWT.com, and W6TWT.net. If you enter any of those URLs you’ll arrive here – my ham related postings on Leoville. That seems easier than setting up an entirely new page, at least for now. And you can email me regarding ham stuff at leo@w6twt.org.

I’ve also created a Twitter account for my call sign: @W6TWT. Not sure how I’ll use it, but better me than someone else.


It’s official. The FCC has assigned me my new call sign: KJ6QGP. I immediately applied for a vanity call sign.