Why I Fast

I’m not a doctor, and you shouldn’t consider me an authority on any health issue, but this is what I’m reading now…

It’s a new book from Canadian nephrologist (kidney doctor) Jason Fung, M.D. Much of what is in this book is also available on his YouTube channel.

Everything in here makes total sense to me and is backed by extensive human studies (Dr. Fung eschews animal studies).

I’ve been doing a 42-hour water fast three times a week for the last few weeks based on Dr. Fung’s other book…

Tbe Complete Guide to Fasting

It’s surprisingly easy. I’ll let you know how it works.

Every Audible Listen Ever (Until Now)

Audible has been a sponsor of my shows since 2008, but I’ve been an Audible listener since February 2000. In that time I’ve downloaded 366 titles. I can’t say I’ve listened to every single one, or finished every book I’ve started, but I know our Audible picks are something many of you have asked for. 

So here is the entire list of books I own at Audible. There’s no automatic way to do this so I scraped the data from the page with cut and paste then used BBEdit to do a bit of cleanup. Each book includes Title, Author, length, and date of download. The titles I particularly recommend are in bold text. I’ll do short reviews of my favorites here from time to time, so check back regularly. 

Note that the first 10 or so may end up being recommendations, but I probably haven’t read them yet, so they’re not in bold.

The Wright Brothers    David McCullough    10 hrs and 2 mins    11-03-15    
Lafayette in the Somewhat United States    Sarah Vowell    8 hrs and 7 mins    11-03-15    
Younger Next Year    Chris Crowley, Henry S. Lodge    7 hrs and 38 mins    09-22-15    
Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping – Now Revised and Updated Robert M. Sapolsky    17 hrs and 17 mins    09-22-15    
The Three-Body Problem Cixin Liu    13 hrs and 26 mins    08-23-15    
The Dark Forest Cixin Liu, Joel Martinsen – translator    22 hrs and 36 mins    08-23-15    
The Late Middle Ages The Great Courses    12 hrs and 22 mins    07-22-15    
Along Came a Spider James Patterson    6 hrs    07-22-15    
The High Middle Ages      The Great Courses    12 hrs and 24 mins    07-12-15    
The Early Middle Ages      The Great Courses    12 hrs and 32 mins    07-12-15    
Seveneves: A Novel    Neal Stephenson    31 hrs and 55 mins    05-22-15    
Waging Heavy Peace    Neil Young    9 hrs and 51 mins    05-04-15    
Season of the Witch: Enchantment, Terror, and Deliverance in the City of Love    David Talbot    17 hrs    05-03-15    
City of Golden Shadow: Otherland, Book 1 Tad Williams    28 hrs and 42 mins    03-29-15    
Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader    Brent Schlender, Rick Tetzeli    16 hrs and 21 mins    03-25-15    
Trigger Warning    Neil Gaiman    11 hrs and 1 min    02-18-15    
Silver Screen Fiend     Patton Oswalt    4 hrs and 7 mins    02-18-15    
The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion     Jonathan Haidt    11 hrs    01-18-15    
As You Wish    Cary Elwes, Joe Layden, Rob Reiner (foreword)    7 hrs and 1 min    01-18-15    
How Music Works    David Byrne    13 hrs and 11 mins    10-25-14    
The Abyss Beyond Dreams: Chronicle of the Fallers, Book 1 Peter F. Hamilton    22 hrs and 35 mins    10-25-14    
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot    David Shafer    15 hrs and 11 mins    08-24-14    
The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan    Russell Shorto    14 hrs and 56 mins    08-24-14    
Gone Girl: A Novel    Gillian Flynn    19 hrs and 11 mins    07-25-14    
Thinking, Fast and Slow     Daniel Kahneman    20 hrs and 2 mins    07-23-14    
The Goldfinch    Donna Tartt    32 hrs and 29 mins    06-30-14    
Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life    Graham Nash    12 hrs and 33 mins    05-11-14    
The Martian    Andy Weir    10 hrs and 53 mins    05-04-14    
Leviathan Wakes James S. A. Corey    19 hrs and 10 mins    04-06-14    
Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt    Michael Lewis    10 hrs and 18 mins    04-06-14    
Dogfight    Fred Vogelstein    8 hrs and 13 mins    02-19-14    
Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years    Mark Lewisohn    43 hrs and 48 mins    02-19-14    
The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon    Brad Stone    13 hrs    12-02-13    

Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal    Nick Bilton    9 hrs and 35 mins    12-02-13    
Ender’s Game Alive: The Full Cast Audioplay Orson Scott Card    7 hrs and 24 mins    10-21-13
Difficult Men: Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: From The Sopranos and The Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad    Brett Martin    10 hrs and 18 mins    10-21-13    

The Iliad    Robert Fagles (translator), Homer    8 hrs and 50 mins    09-27-13    
The Iliad of Homer      The Great Courses    6 hrs and 4 mins    09-27-13    
Turkish Phase 1, Unit 01-05     Pimsleur    2 hrs and 36 mins    09-10-13    
Venice: A New History    Thomas F. Madden    16 hrs and 12 mins    09-08-13    
Mindstar Rising: The Greg Mandel Trilogy, Book 1 Peter F. Hamilton    14 hrs and 52 mins    08-06-13    
Cryptonomicon    Neal Stephenson    42 hrs and 53 mins    08-06-13
The Denial of Death    Ernest Becker    11 hrs and 45 mins    07-22-13    
Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion    Janet Reitman    15 hrs and 40 mins    07-22-13    
The Great Gatsby    F. Scott Fitzgerald    4 hrs and 52 mins    05-26-13    
Pride And Prejudice    Jane Austen    14 hrs and 12 mins    05-26-13    
The Descendants    Kaui Hart Hemmings    9 hrs and 12 mins    05-20-13    
Hounded Kevin Hearne    8 hrs and 11 mins    05-20-13    
The Silver Linings Playbook    Matthew Quick    7 hrs and 22 mins    04-20-13    
The Second Ship: The Rho Agenda, Book 1 Richard Phillips    11 hrs and 39 mins    04-20-13    
Antares Dawn: Antares, Book 1 Michael McCollum    9 hrs and 49 mins    03-25-13    
Pictures at a Revolution: Five Movies and the Birth of the New Hollywood    Mark Harris    17 hrs and 25 mins    03-25-13    
Great North Road    Peter F. Hamilton    36 hrs and 37 mins    01-16-13    
The Wise Man’s Fear: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2 Patrick Rothfuss    42 hrs and 59 mins    12-27-12    
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins    11 hrs and 14 mins    12-27-12    
The Dangerous Animals Club    Stephen Tobolowsky    11 hrs and 41 mins    12-17-12    
The Universe in a Nutshell    Stephen Hawking    3 hrs and 29 mins    11-13-12    
Who I Am    Pete Townshend    17 hrs and 56 mins    11-02-12    
The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos    Brian Greene    13 hrs and 49 mins    10-10-12    
Legion Brandon Sanderson    2 hrs and 8 mins    10-08-12    
Cloud Atlas    David Mitchell    19 hrs and 33 mins    10-02-12    
Among Others    Jo Walton    10 hrs and 39 mins    09-24-12    
No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden    Mark Owen, Kevin Maurer    6 hrs and 54 mins    09-24-12
Black Beauty    Anna Sewell    5 hrs and 21 mins    09-19-12    
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: A Signature Performance by Elijah Wood Mark Twain    10 hrs and 12 mins    09-15-12    
Gulliver’s Travels: A Signature Performance by David Hyde Pierce    Jonathan Swift    9 hrs and 52 mins    09-15-12    
Dracula [Audible Edition]    Bram Stoker    15 hrs and 28 mins    09-15-12    
Vanity Fair [AudioGo]    William Makepeace Thackeray    31 hrs and 6 mins    09-15-12    
God Is Not Great    Christopher Hitchens    8 hrs and 51 mins    09-15-12    
Moby-Dick    Herman Melville    21 hrs and 20 mins    09-15-12    
The Sign of Four    Arthur Conan Doyle    4 hrs and 6 mins    09-15-12    
Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius    Sylvia Nasar    20 hrs and 15 mins    09-15-12    
Ethan Frome    Edith Wharton    3 hrs and 47 mins    09-15-12    
Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus     Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley    8 hrs and 21 mins    09-15-12    
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man    James Joyce    8 hrs and 35 mins    09-15-12    
Wuthering Heights    Emily Brontë    12 hrs and 19 mins    09-15-12    
The Picture of Dorian Gray    Oscar Wilde    8 hrs and 6 mins    09-15-12    
The House of Mirth    Edith Wharton    12 hrs and 11 mins    09-15-12    
A Tale of Two Cities [Tantor]    Charles Dickens    13 hrs and 39 mins    09-15-12    
The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas    23 hrs and 38 mins    09-15-12    
David Copperfield    Charles Dickens    33 hrs and 53 mins    09-15-12    
Moll Flanders    Daniel Defoe    13 hrs and 15 mins    09-15-12    
The Moonstone [Tantor Audio Edition]    Wilkie Collins    18 hrs and 49 mins    09-15-12    
White Fang    Jack London    8 hrs and 8 mins    09-15-12    
The End of Money    David Wolman    8 hrs and 1 min    08-09-12    
Kill Decision    Daniel Suarez    13 hrs and 6 mins    08-01-12    
Night Soldiers Alan Furst    18 hrs and 18 mins    07-21-12    
The Magic of Reality    Richard Dawkins    6 hrs and 42 mins    07-21-12    
The Shadow of the Wind    Carlos Ruiz Zafon    18 hrs and 10 mins    05-20-12    
The Storm of War: A New History of the Second World War    Andrew Roberts    28 hrs and 35 mins    05-20-12    
The Tourist: A Novel Olen Steinhauer    12 hrs    04-19-12    
Ready Player One    Ernest Cline    15 hrs and 46 mins    04-19-12    
A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book 5 George R. R. Martin    49 hrs    03-21-12    
The Name of the Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1 Patrick Rothfuss    27 hrs and 58 mins    02-20-12    
The Name of the Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1 Patrick Rothfuss    27 hrs and 58 mins    02-20-12    
The Stand    Stephen King    47 hrs and 52 mins    02-15-12    
High on Arrival: A Memoir    Mackenzie Phillips    5 hrs and 53 mins    01-15-12    
The Marriage Plot    Jeffrey Eugenides    15 hrs and 35 mins    12-23-11    
State of Wonder: A Novel    Ann Patchett    12 hrs and 25 mins    12-20-11    
11-22-63: A Novel    Stephen King    30 hrs and 44 mins    11-30-11    
1Q84    Haruki Murakami, Jay Rubin (translator), Philip Gabriel (translator)    46 hrs and 50 mins    10-25-11    
Steve Jobs    Walter Isaacson    25 hrs and 19 mins    10-23-11    
On Basilisk Station: Honor Harrington, Book 1 David Weber    15 hrs and 40 mins    09-27-11    
Reamde    Neal Stephenson    38 hrs and 34 mins    09-27-11    
Life Itself: A Memoir    Roger Ebert    14 hrs and 16 mins    09-20-11    
American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (A Full Cast Production)    Neil Gaiman    19 hrs and 39 mins    09-20-11    
Secretariat    William Nack    14 hrs and 39 mins    08-20-11    
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine    Michael Lewis    9 hrs and 27 mins    08-20-11    
Endgame: Bobby Fischer’s Remarkable Rise and Fall—from America’s Brightest Prodigy to the Edge of Madness    Frank Brady    13 hrs and 29 mins    07-21-11    
The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris    David McCullough    16 hrs and 56 mins    07-21-11    
Solaris    Stanislaw Lem, Bill Johnston (translator)    7 hrs and 42 mins    06-15-11    
The Evolutionary Void: Void Trilogy, Book 3 Peter F. Hamilton    24 hrs and 45 mins    06-01-11    
To the Lighthouse     Virginia Woolf    7 hrs and 43 mins    04-28-11    
The Temporal Void: Void Trilogy, Book 2 Peter F. Hamilton    25 hrs and 10 mins    04-28-11    
Wolves of the Calla: Dark Tower V Stephen King    26 hrs and 20 mins    04-20-11    
War and Peace    Leo Tolstoy    61 hrs and 8 mins    03-22-11    
The Last Days of the Incas    Kim MacQuarrie    21 hrs and 54 mins    03-20-11    
Cutting for Stone: A Novel    Abraham Verghese    23 hrs and 58 mins    03-02-11    
Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia    Elizabeth Gilbert    12 hrs and 52 mins    01-29-11    
Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of ‘The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour’    David Bianculli    11 hrs and 32 mins    01-29-11    
Why We Get Fat     Gary Taubes    8 hrs and 2 mins    01-10-11    

The Dreaming Void: Void Trilogy, Book 1 Peter F. Hamilton    22 hrs and 38 mins    01-10-11    
White House Diary    Jimmy Carter    23 hrs and 14 mins    12-20-10    
Cro-Magnon: How the Ice Age Gave Birth to the First Modern Humans    Brian Fagan    9 hrs and 52 mins    12-20-10    
Life     Keith Richards, James Fox    23 hrs and 8 mins    11-23-10    
An Object of Beauty    Steve Martin    7 hrs and 22 mins    11-23-10    
Wizard and Glass: The Dark Tower IV Stephen King    28 hrs and 6 mins    11-23-10    
The Drawing of the Three: The Dark Tower II Stephen King    12 hrs and 42 mins    09-30-10    
The Waste Lands: The Dark Tower III Stephen King    18 hrs and 40 mins    09-30-10    
The Gunslinger Stephen King    7 hrs and 54 mins    09-14-10    
Freedom: A Novel    Jonathan Franzen    24 hrs and 14 mins    09-06-10    
The Girl Who Played with Fire: The Millennium Series, Book 2 Stieg Larsson    18 hrs and 38 mins    08-22-10    
Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory    Ben Macintyre    11 hrs and 18 mins    08-22-10    
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest: The Millennium Series, Book 3 Stieg Larsson    20 hrs and 20 mins    07-21-10    
The Count of Monte Cristo    Anlexandre Dumas    50 hrs and 47 mins    07-11-10    
The Windup Girl    Paolo Bacigalupi    19 hrs and 34 mins    06-10-10    
JR    William Gaddis    37 hrs and 46 mins    06-10-10    
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: The Millennium Series, Book 1 Stieg Larsson    16 hrs and 19 mins    05-07-10    
The Help    Kathryn Stockett    18 hrs and 19 mins    05-07-10    

The Forever War    Joe Haldeman    9 hrs and 19 mins    04-22-10    
The Contortionist’s Handbook: A Novel    Craig Clevenger    6 hrs and 43 mins    04-22-10    
War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning    Chris Hedges    6 hrs and 27 mins    03-06-10    
Losing Mum and Pup: A Memoir    Christopher Buckley    6 hrs and 24 mins    03-06-10    
Googled: The End of the World as We Know It    Ken Auletta    13 hrs and 57 mins    02-22-10    
Daemon Daniel Suarez    15 hrs and 57 mins    01-22-10    
Freedom (TM) Daniel Suarez    11 hrs and 47 mins    01-22-10    

The Mote in God’s Eye Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle    20 hrs and 27 mins    11-22-09    
The Time Traveler’s Wife    Audrey Niffenegger    17 hrs and 43 mins    11-22-09    
FREE    Chris Anderson    7 hrs and 2 mins    09-22-09    
Lucifer’s Hammer    Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle    24 hrs and 32 mins    09-22-09    
Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-Rock ‘N’ Roll Generation Saved Hollywood    Peter Biskind    23 hrs and 41 mins    09-22-09    

The Innovator’s Dilemma    Clayton M. Christensen    2 hrs and 21 mins    09-22-09    
The Battle for America 2008: The Story of an Extraordinary Election    Dan Balz, Haynes Johnson    17 hrs and 11 mins    09-22-09    
The Accidental Billionaires    Ben Mezrich    7 hrs and 23 mins    08-19-09    
Writing Down the Bones    Natalie Goldberg    8 hrs and 56 mins    08-19-09    
Mao Zedong    Jonathan Spence    5 hrs and 51 mins    06-26-09    
The Long March: The True History of Communist China’s Founding Myth    Sun Shuyun    10 hrs and 26 mins    06-26-09    
Notes From China    Barbara W. Tuchman    2 hrs and 49 mins    06-26-09    
A History of China    Hilda Hookham    11 hrs and 32 mins    06-26-09    
Mao: The Unknown Story    Jung Chang, Jon Halliday    29 hrs and 51 mins    06-26-09    
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions    Thomas S. Kuhn    9 hrs and 11 mins    06-03-09    
Story    Robert McKee    6 hrs and 12 mins    06-03-09    
Illuminatus! Part I: The Eye in the Pyramid    Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson    13 hrs and 20 mins    05-01-09    
A Storm of Swords: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3 George R. R. Martin    47 hrs and 37 mins    03-25-09    
A Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 2 George R. R. Martin    37 hrs and 18 mins    03-25-09    
Shadow Country: A New Rendering of the Watson Legend    Peter Matthiessen    40 hrs and 25 mins    03-22-09    
Barack Obama Inaugural Address (1/20/09)    Barack Obama    19 mins    01-23-09    
The Glass Bead Game    Hermann Hesse    21 hrs and 17 mins    01-23-09    
Empress Orchid    Anchee Min    17 hrs and 46 mins    01-23-09    
Something Nasty in the Woodshed    Kyril Bonfiglioli    6 hrs    12-30-08    
Don’t Point That Thing at Me    Kyril Bonfiglioli    6 hrs and 29 mins    12-30-08    
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln    Doris Kearns Goodwin    9 hrs and 29 mins    12-22-08    
Talking Heads    Alan Bennett    3 hrs and 15 mins    12-22-08    
John McCain Concedes, Barack Obama Accepts (11/04/08)    Barack Obama, John McCain    27 mins    11-21-08    
Walden [Jimcin Edition]    Henry David Thoreau    11 hrs and 14 mins    11-21-08    
Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations    Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin    13 hrs and 33 mins    11-21-08    
The Conscience of a Liberal    Paul Krugman    9 hrs and 11 mins    10-13-08    
Anansi Boys    Neil Gaiman    10 hrs and 8 mins    10-13-08    

David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall    David Sedaris    1 hr and 14 mins    09-02-08    
Holidays on Ice    David Sedaris    3 hrs and 10 mins    09-02-08    
Barrel Fever and Other Stories    David Sedaris    2 hrs and 59 mins    09-02-08    
Naked    David Sedaris    3 hrs and 4 mins    09-02-08    
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim    David Sedaris    6 hrs and 8 mins    09-02-08    
Me Talk Pretty One Day    David Sedaris    5 hrs and 51 mins    09-02-08    
Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization    Nicholson Baker    14 hrs and 17 mins    09-02-08    
Einstein: His Life and Universe    Walter Isaacson    21 hrs and 30 mins    08-22-08    
Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex    Mary Roach    9 hrs and 28 mins    08-22-08
The Black Hole War: My Battle to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics    Leonard Susskind    12 hrs and 45 mins    07-16-08    
When You Are Engulfed in Flames    David Sedaris    9 hrs and 3 mins    07-16-08    
Electric Universe    David Bodanis    6 hrs and 38 mins    06-22-08    
Neverwhere    Neil Gaiman    12 hrs and 37 mins    06-22-08    
Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA    Tim Weiner    21 hrs and 25 mins    05-22-08    
Titus Groan: Volume 1 of the Gormenghast Trilogy Mervyn Peake    17 hrs and 32 mins    05-14-08    
Living History    Hillary Rodham Clinton    7 hrs and 3 mins    03-27-08    
Predictably Irrational     Dan Ariely    7 hrs and 27 mins    03-27-08    
The Uncommon Reader    Alan Bennett    2 hrs and 27 mins    02-25-08    
Dune Frank Herbert    21 hrs and 8 mins    02-25-08    
Born Standing Up    Steve Martin    4 hrs and 3 mins    02-08-08    

A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance: Portrait of an Age    William Manchester    11 hrs and 36 mins    01-29-08    
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Dramatised)    Douglas Adams    3 hrs and 39 mins    01-14-08    
The Keep    Jennifer Egan    8 hrs and 2 mins    01-14-08    
Being a Green Mother: Incarnations of Immortality, Book Five Piers Anthony    12 hrs and 30 mins    12-22-07    
The Emperor’s Children: A Novel    Claire Messud    18 hrs and 36 mins    11-16-07    
The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich    Timothy Ferriss    8 hrs and 18 mins    11-15-07    
All the King’s Men    Robert Penn Warren    20 hrs and 57 mins    10-09-07    
I Am America (And So Can You!)    Stephen Colbert    3 hrs and 33 mins    10-05-07    
Linked    Albert-Laszlo Barabasi    8 hrs and 8 mins    08-31-07    
Confessions of an Economic Hitman    John Perkins    9 hrs and 19 mins    08-31-07    
Crashing Through: A True Story of Risk, Adventure, and the Man Who Dared to See    Robert Kurson    10 hrs and 15 mins    08-22-07    
After Dark    Haruki Murakami    5 hrs and 44 mins    08-22-07    
A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906    Simon Winchester    12 hrs and 30 mins    07-22-07
The Areas of My Expertise    John Hodgman    6 hrs and 57 mins    07-11-07    
The Best and the Brightest    David Halberstam    3 hrs and 1 min    06-22-07    
The Road    Cormac McCarthy    6 hrs and 39 mins    06-22-07    
King of Comedy: The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis    Shawn Levy    3 hrs    05-22-07    
Montmorency    Eleanor Updale    5 hrs and 4 mins    05-22-07    
The Secret    Rhonda Byrne    4 hrs and 27 mins    04-22-07    
On Intelligence     Jeff Hawkins, Sandra Blakeslee    9 hrs and 24 mins    03-22-07    
Sailing Alone Around the World    Joshua Slocum    7 hrs and 33 mins    02-22-07    
Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War    Nathaniel Philbrick    12 hrs and 39 mins    02-22-07    
Blood and Gold Anne Rice    18 hrs and 37 mins    01-22-07    
The God Delusion    Richard Dawkins    13 hrs and 52 mins    01-22-07    
Chronicles    Bob Dylan    5 hrs and 6 mins    12-22-06    
The Perfect Thing    Steven Levy    4 hrs and 56 mins    12-22-06    
You     Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz    4 hrs and 36 mins    11-22-06    
Anatomy of Pleasure    Dr. Victoria Zdrok    4 hrs and 52 mins    11-22-06    
The One Percent Doctrine    Ron Suskind    6 hrs and 13 mins    10-22-06    
The Power of Thought    John Daido Loori Roshi    35 mins    10-22-06    
The Devil Wears Prada    Lauren Weisberger    14 hrs and 4 mins    09-22-06    
Bleak House    Charles Dickens    39 hrs and 12 mins    08-22-06    
Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-being    Andrew Weil    8 hrs and 31 mins    08-22-06    
The Experts’ Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do    Samantha Ettus    6 hrs and 46 mins    07-22-06    
In Cold Blood    Truman Capote    14 hrs and 27 mins    07-20-06    
The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope    Jonathan Alter    12 hrs and 32 mins    06-22-06    
The Lost Men    Kelly Tyler-Lewis    6 hrs and 15 mins    05-07-06    
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed    Jared Diamond    9 hrs and 34 mins    05-07-06    
Mountains Beyond Mountains    Tracy Kidder    10 hrs and 51 mins    04-21-06    
The Commodore: Aubrey/Maturin Series, Book 17 Patrick O’Brian    11 hrs and 47 mins    04-21-06    
Bee Season: A Novel    Myla Goldberg    11 hrs and 54 mins    03-21-06    
The Amulet of Samarkand: The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1 Jonathan Stroud    13 hrs and 30 mins    03-21-06    
Live from New York    Tom Shales, James Andrew Miller    8 hrs and 37 mins    02-17-06    
The Inner Art of Meditation    Jack Kornfield    7 hrs and 57 mins    01-12-06    
Classic American Poetry     Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, e. e. cummings    2 hrs and 33 mins    12-21-05    
The Classic Hundred Poems    William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, W.B. Yeats, (edited by William Harmon)    6 hrs and 1 min    12-21-05
Jarhead: A Marine’s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles    Anthony Swofford    8 hrs and 5 mins    12-21-05    
A Great Improvisation: Franklin, France, and the Birth of America    Stacy Schiff    9 hrs and 53 mins    12-21-05    
The Beatles: The Biography    Bob Spitz    10 hrs and 13 mins    12-21-05    
Freakonomics    Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner    6 hrs and 30 mins    11-01-05    
The Young Messiah (Movie tie-in) (Originally Published as Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt) – A Novel: Out of Egypt Anne Rice    9 hrs and 13 mins    11-01-05    
Blue at the Mizzen: Aubrey/Maturin Series, Book 20 Patrick O’Brian    9 hrs and 33 mins    10-17-05    
The Hundred Days: Aubrey/Maturin Series, Book 19 Patrick O’Brian    10 hrs and 5 mins    10-17-05    
The Yellow Admiral: Aubrey/Maturin Series, Book 18 Patrick O’Brian    10 hrs and 22 mins    10-17-05    
The Devil in the White City    Erik Larson    15 hrs    09-19-05    
1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus    Charles C. Mann    11 hrs and 20 mins    09-19-05    
The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology    Simon Winchester    9 hrs and 59 mins    09-19-05    
A Long Way Down    Nick Hornby    8 hrs and 55 mins    08-16-05    
The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts     Gary Chapman    4 hrs and 46 mins    07-20-05    
The Kingdoms and the Elves of the Reaches    Robert Stanek    5 hrs and 7 mins    07-20-05    
There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer    7 hrs and 28 mins    07-20-05    
Altered Carbon Richard K. Morgan    17 hrs and 10 mins    06-03-05    
1776    David McCullough    11 hrs and 32 mins    06-03-05    
The Four Loves    C.S. Lewis    2 hrs and 7 mins    04-14-05    
How to Practice    His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Translated, Edited by Jeffrey Hopkins    5 hrs and 20 mins    04-14-05    
Plan B    Anne Lamott    5 hrs and 28 mins    04-14-05    
Grass for His Pillow: Tales of the Otori, Book Two Lian Hearn    9 hrs and 27 mins    03-10-05    
A Death in Vienna Daniel Silva    10 hrs and 14 mins    02-12-05    
The Meaning of Everything    Simon Winchester    7 hrs and 8 mins    01-25-05    
The Memory of Running    Ron McLarty    13 hrs and 10 mins    01-25-05    
Shadow Divers: Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of WWII    Robert Kurson    15 hrs and 31 mins    01-17-05    
The Great Brain    John D. Fitzgerald    4 hrs and 42 mins    11-22-04    
Sandry’s Book: Circle of Magic, Book 1    Tamora Pierce    5 hrs and 53 mins    11-22-04    
Creating Inner Peace & Calm    Glenn Harrold    1 hr and 9 mins    11-20-04    
The Inner Circle: A Novel    T. Coraghessan Boyle    15 hrs and 3 mins    11-20-04    
Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul    Tony Hendra    10 hrs and 28 mins    09-11-04    
1968: The Year That Rocked the World    Mark Kurlansky    16 hrs and 11 mins    08-14-04    
Skinny Dip    Carl Hiaasen    13 hrs and 30 mins    07-24-04    
Across the Nightingale Floor Lian Hearn    8 hrs and 25 mins    07-14-04    
The Kite Runner    Khaled Hosseini    12 hrs and 6 mins    07-14-04    
My Life    Bill Clinton    6 hrs and 12 mins    06-23-04    
The Vietnam Tapes of Lance Corporal Michael A. Baronowski    Jay Allison, Christina Egloff    19 mins    05-31-04    
The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few    James Surowiecki    9 hrs and 26 mins    05-31-04    
A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1 George R. R. Martin    33 hrs and 50 mins    05-31-04    

Getting Things Done    David Allen    2 hrs and 49 mins    05-13-04    
Mr. Paradise    Elmore Leonard    6 hrs and 21 mins    05-13-04    
Black Like Me    John Howard Griffin    6 hrs and 59 mins    03-29-04    
The Tower Treasure Franklin Dixon    3 hrs and 27 mins    02-26-04    
The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever Need: 101 Ways to Win Every Time in Any Situation    Peter B. Stark, Jane Flaherty    3 hrs and 8 mins    02-01-04    
The Wine-Dark Sea: Aubrey/Maturin Series, Book 16 Patrick O’Brian    5 hrs and 22 mins    01-18-04    
Salt: A World History    Mark Kurlansky    13 hrs and 43 mins    01-18-04    
Drop City    T. Coraghessan Boyle    18 hrs and 22 mins    01-18-04    
Pompeii: A Novel    Robert Harris    10 hrs and 1 min    12-09-03    
The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown    17 hrs and 4 mins    12-09-03    
Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind    Shunryu Suzuki    2 hrs and 59 mins    11-07-03    
Nobody’s Fool    Richard Russo    24 hrs and 16 mins    11-07-03    
Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot    Richard M. Restak    5 hrs and 56 mins    11-07-03    
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance    Robert M. Pirsig    15 hrs and 58 mins    11-07-03    
The Hours    Michael Cunningham    6 hrs and 19 mins    09-25-03    
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right    Al Franken    9 hrs and 51 mins    09-25-03    
Reaching for Glory    Michael Beschloss    6 hrs and 24 mins    08-28-03    
The Nanny Diaries    Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus    4 hrs and 44 mins    08-28-03    
David and the Phoenix    Edward Ormondroyd    3 hrs and 6 mins    07-29-03    
Wiretap, Episode 1: Army of One    Mark Leyner, Brian Fielding    28 mins    07-29-03    
Middlesex    Jeffrey Eugenides    21 hrs and 26 mins    07-29-03    
Ear Candy    Alina Reyes, Emilie Paris, Harry Maurer    1 hr and 15 mins    06-28-03    
Moneyball    Michael Lewis    5 hrs and 48 mins    06-28-03    
Oryx and Crake Margaret Atwood    10 hrs and 29 mins    06-10-03    
Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market    Eric Schlosser    9 hrs and 27 mins    06-10-03    
Ultimate Fitness: The Quest for Truth about Exercise and Health    Gina Kolata    3 hrs and 20 mins    05-17-03    
Life of Pi    Yann Martel    11 hrs and 41 mins    05-17-03    
Nostromo    Joseph Conrad    16 hrs    02-20-03    
The Blind Assassin    Margaret Atwood    18 hrs    01-21-03    
The Life and Works of Chopin     Jeremy Siepmann    4 hrs and 57 mins    12-21-02    
Shadow Puppets Orson Scott Card    10 hrs and 46 mins    10-27-02    
Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card    14 hrs and 9 mins    10-27-02    
Catch Me If You Can    Frank W. Abagnale    8 hrs and 36 mins    10-17-02    
21 Dog Years    Mike Daisey    6 hrs and 40 mins    09-21-02    
Three Junes    Julia Glass    13 hrs and 55 mins    09-14-02    
Bud, Not Buddy    Christopher Paul Curtis    5 hrs and 14 mins    08-09-02    
Tarzan of the Apes Edgar Rice Burroughs    7 hrs and 30 mins    08-09-02    
Island of the Blue Dolphins    Scott O’Dell    4 hrs    07-16-02    
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood    Howard Pyle    12 hrs and 10 mins    07-16-02    
The Next Fifty Years    John Brockman, Editor    8 hrs and 44 mins    05-27-02    
Crime and Punishment (Recorded Books Edition)    Fyodor Dostoevsky    25 hrs and 5 mins    05-25-02    
Master of the Senate    Robert A. Caro    8 hrs and 38 mins    05-16-02    
The Company: A Novel of the CIA    Robert Littell    41 hrs and 22 mins    05-16-02    
Telecosm    George Gilder    10 hrs and 40 mins    04-12-02    
The Fourth Hand    John Irving    11 hrs and 15 mins    02-22-02    
The Best of Second City    Second City: Chicago’s Famed Improv Theatre    4 hrs and 9 mins    02-22-02    
Evermore    Sean Williams    1 hr    01-19-02    
Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates    Tom Robbins    16 hrs and 15 mins    12-10-01    
Death in Holy Orders P.D. James    12 hrs    11-29-01    
Theodore Rex    Edmund Morris    8 hrs and 46 mins    11-29-01    
Hearts in Atlantis    Stephen King    20 hrs and 9 mins    11-01-01    
Lost and Found Sound, Volume One    The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva), Jay Allison    2 hrs and 24 mins    09-11-01    
Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There    David Brooks    8 hrs and 47 mins    09-11-01    
The Vagina Monologues    Eve Ensler    1 hr and 45 mins    08-14-01    
Timeline    Michael Crichton    15 hrs and 6 mins    08-14-01    
John Adams    David McCullough    9 hrs and 53 mins    07-04-01    
Undaunted Courage    Stephen E. Ambrose    21 hrs and 40 mins    07-04-01    
Pulp Physics    Dr. Richard Berendzen    9 hrs and 35 mins    06-02-01    
Equal Rites: Discworld #3 Terry Pratchett    7 hrs and 43 mins    05-10-01    
The Light Fantastic: Discworld #2 Terry Pratchett    6 hrs and 59 mins    05-10-01    
Seabiscuit    Laura Hillenbrand    6 hrs    04-23-01    
The Call of the Wild    Jack London    3 hrs and 30 mins    04-20-01    
Merlin and the Dragons    Jane Yolen    37 mins    04-20-01    
Listening for the Crack of Dawn    Donald Davis    2 hrs    04-20-01    
The Best Business Stories of the Year, 2001 Edition    Ken Auletta, Diane Brady, more, edited by Andrew Lackey, Marshall Loeb    17 hrs and 20 mins    03-31-01    
Flu    Gina Kolata    6 hrs and 30 mins    03-11-01    
Ringworld Larry Niven    11 hrs and 22 mins    02-10-01    
Fast Food Nation    Eric Schlosser    8 hrs and 56 mins    02-10-01    
World War 3.0: Microsoft and Its Enemies    Ken Auletta    6 hrs    01-21-01    
On Writing    Stephen King    8 hrs and 5 mins    12-29-00    
Killing Time    Caleb Carr    7 hrs and 54 mins    12-17-00    
The Ups and Downs of Being Brown    Rex M. Ellis    56 mins    11-23-00    
Everything You Think You Know About Politics…and Why You’re Wrong    Kathleen Hall Jamieson    7 hrs and 25 mins    11-16-00    
Zeitgeist    Bruce Sterling    10 hrs and 30 mins    11-16-00    
Nothing Like It in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863-1869    Stephen E. Ambrose    15 hrs and 37 mins    09-22-00    
I’m a Stranger Here Myself    Bill Bryson    5 hrs and 58 mins    09-22-00    
The Cluetrain Manifesto    Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, more    6 hrs    08-22-00
Robin Hood     Benedict Flynn    2 hrs and 19 mins    08-13-00    
Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength    Bill Phillips, Michael D’Orso    2 hrs and 7 mins    07-30-00    
The Brethren    John Grisham    11 hrs and 34 mins    05-31-00    
Best of Science Fiction and Fantasy    Arthur C. Clarke, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Ben Bova, Isaac Asimov, Greg Bear, Fritz Leiber, Connie Willis, Dan Simmons, Jane Yolen    6 hrs and 9 mins    02-07-00    

Younger Next Year

A big thanks to Larry Barnard via Frederick Van Johnson for the recommendation of Younger Next Year. (Audible abridged version here.)

The book is aimed at men in the “next third” of life (aka the last third, or 50+)  who, like me, are looking retirement, and the inevitable slide into senility and death, square in the eye. 

I can summarize the book’s advice into three rules: 

  1. Exercise vigorously for one hour a day, every day, for the rest of your life.
  2. Stop eating crap. (You know all that white stuff: sugar, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, factory food of any kind.)
  3. Connect, with your wife, your family, your friends. Give back to the community. Find a purpose. Serve.

Do that and the authors say you should, barring accident or bad luck, make it into your 80s vibrant and active. Yes, it’s a little hokey, written like a locker room pep talk, but maybe that’s just what I needed. Anyway, I feel better than I have in years, and with Lisa’s and my family’s loving support, I hope to be around another 30 years. Anyway I’m off to the gym. I’m having too much fun to quit now. 

Don’t Buy My Book

I love this time of year. The leaves are starting to change into their fall motley, there’s a chill in the air, and the smell of wood smoke lingers like childhood memories. It’s also the time when Leo Laporte’s Technology Almanac typically tumbles from the presses to land with a thud on your bookstore shelves. Well, not this year, Jimbo.
My contract with Que has expired and it doesn’t look like either of us has much interest in resuscitating it. Que has been very patient with me. When we signed the deal I had two national US TV shows, a regular gig on Live with Regis and Kelly, and ample opportunity to flog my books. By the end of the contract we were lucky to get a plug on Good Morning Muncie. Needless to say, sales suffered. On the bright side, you should be able to find any one of my dozen titles in the remainder bin of your nearby five and dime, and at a very affordable price, too.

I’ve enjoyed my stint as an author — the sherry hours, the tweed coat with patched elbows, the bowlful of Borkum Riff, the love starved groupies, the 1.5% royalties — but all good things must come to an end. There won’t be a Technology Almanac in this year’s remainder bin. Your collection will have to end with the 2006 edition, the fifth and final installment in my magnum opus. Hey, that’s almost as many as Harry Potter.

If I do return to the publishing world it will be as a self-published author. I wouldn’t want anyone else to assume the burden that Que has suffered these past couple of years. Amber and I have talked about writing a book on podcasting. We even got as far as an outline and subversion repository, but then Citytv came up with a better offer and, to be honest, that book is now so far back on the burner that it’s getting chillblains.

It’s OK. This is all part of my transition from mainstream media maven to obscure Wikipedia entry. Writing books is hard work and, love starved groupies aside, the compensations are scant. I’ll put my energies into something I love to do, talking for a living, and leave the writing to my literary heroes, Bill O’Reilly and Ed McMahon.

So thanks to all of you who bought my books. Perhaps we can gather someday at a local Denny’s and reminisce. An even bigger thanks to the many, many more who put up with my endless plugging and still managed to resist the urge to buy. Never again will you have to hear, “buy my book,” unless you happening to be watching the O’Reilly Factor. And if you are, you’re getting what you deserve.

The Tivo Guide is Out

I’ve just received my author’s copies of Leo Laporte’s Guide to TiVo and I must humbly say it’s the best Tivo book ever. All credit to Gareth Branwyn who knocked himself out writing it, Rick Kughen, my editor at Que who polished it to a gleaming shine, and the guys at Weaknees.com who gave us outstanding support all along the way.
Leo Laporte's Guide to Tivo

This is the book that should come with every Tivo sold.

Focus Groups Never Lie

I‘ve been re-reading George Gilder’s fascinating Telecosm and I came across this telling anecdote about focus groups.
In 1980 when Bob Metcalfe, inventer of Ethernet, came to pitch the industrial megacorporation General Electric on behalf of his fledgling company 3COM, GE executives explained that they had done considerable research on the new personal computer and networking industries. In focus groups composed of GE customers held all over the country, executives were told over and over that there was no consumer interest in personal computers. PCs, the focus groups said, only were of interest to businesses. And the same could be said for networking.

The GE execs came to the conclusion that there was no home PC market, and never would be. They decided to stick with refrigerators, nuclear reactors, and light bulbs, and to this day the company has never touched in personal computing or networking thereby missing the fastest growing businesses in the past 20 years.


Patrick and I are having a blast, as usual, meeting fans at the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. We stayed four hours signing autographs with Michaela Pereira. I’m told we met 273 people. We usually get to more but we took our time today. We’ll have to work a little faster tomorrow; we both have planes to catch so we’ll be leaving at 3p sharp. Come early – they’ll probably cut off the line by 2pm.
I needed a little escapism after watching the Giants season end so suddenly this afternoon. Fortunately, Patrick and I had picked up copies of Neal Stephenson’s newest book, Quicksilver, at the airport bookstore. We were both big fans of Snow Crash and Stephenson’s last, Cryptonomicon, and couldn’t wait to get our hands on this one.

It’s very good, but very different from Neal’s previous works. It’s definitely not sci-fi. So far it takes place in the time span between 1655 and 1713 and deals with the birth of modern science. We meet Ben Franklin and Isaac Newton as children and see the earliest days of the “Massachusetts Bay Colony Institute of Technologickal Arts,” already home to investigations of computing machinery and far in advance of its neighbor, Harvard College, whose dons are still stuck in the scholasticism of the Dark Ages. We also meet the author of the original Cryptonomicon. But that’s only in the first hundred or so pages. I’ve still got 800 pages to go, and it’s just the first book in the three-volume “Baroque Cycle,” so who knows where we’ll end up. So far it’s a great read, though, and best of all… there wasn’t any baseball in the 18th century.

Here Comes the Alamanac

I just received word from Peachpit that the rebound 2004 Almanac will be released on Wednesday, October 1st.
The Amazon listing should return today and they should be shipping by next Monday. Phew!

Focus Groups Never Lie

George GilderI’ve been re-reading George Gilder’s brilliant Telecosm and I came across this telling anecdote about focus groups.
In 1980 when Bob Metcalfe, inventer of ethernet, came to the industrial megacorporation General Electric on behalf of his fledgling company 3COM, the GE executives explained that they had done considerable research on the new personal computer and networking industries. In focus groups composed of GE customers held all over the country, executives were told over and over that there was no consumer interest in personal computers. PCs, the focus groups said, only were of interest to businesses. And the same could be said for networking. The was no home PC market, and never would be.

General Electric decided to stick with refrigerators, nuclear reactors, and light bulbs, and to this day has never dabbled in personal computing or networking.

Second Printing

In one week my book will go into its second printing. That’s a good thing; it means we’ve sold out the first printing of 50,000 copies. It also means I can correct any typos or errors in the first edition.
Laura and I have been going through it, and we’ve found some errors. If you’ve found any yourself, please let me know. Send me an email or add a comment to this blog entry. No error is too small to ignore – I want to make the second edition perfect!

I’ll send a Leoville mug and t-shirt to the person who finds the most errors.

Thanks for your help!