I’m Back Baby

BlueprintWell I think I’ve got this place pretty much back to where it was. In fact, I took this opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of my theme, Revolution 3.0, and make some minor cosmetic improvements. I’m liking it even better now than before.
I lost many of the images from past posts, but it turns out that both my graphics program, Skitch, and my blog editor, MarsEdit, preserve uploaded images in an archive, so I was able to get most of the pictures from 2008 back on the blog. Thanks Plasq and Daniel!

Only one thing is stumping me. I can’t remember the WordPress command to insert the most recent post in a given category. I use that on the front page to put the most recent news and blog posts at the bottom on either side of the Stickam video. It’s a little WordPress PHP and it’s quite handy, since I don’t need to do anything to update it. Do you know what I’m talking about? Got any idea what the syntax is?

UPDATE: Tollie gave me the command – I’ve got it working. Thanks Tollie!

General LeoNow it’s on to resuscitating the TWiT Army and TWiT Contributor Forums. I’m going to take this opportunity to fold the forums back into the TWiT.tv Drupal. Among other things this will automate logins from new contributors.

The TWiT Army Canteen should be up pretty soon with a much improved design, thanks to The Frogman and Mongo. Sounds like a Morning Zoo team, doesn’t it.

And I’ve learned my lesson. Daily backups are in progress. Automatically. So, knock on wood, this will never happen again.

Let me know if you spot any bugs. I think everything is back working again.

Now Ecto Powered for My Enjoyment

If you can read this it means that Expression Engine now works with Ecto! Woo hoo! That removes the last obstacle to a five star rating for EE, the software that runs this blog.
I first found out about Expression Engine from Kevin Rose. I’d been looking for a new content management system for Leoville. Powered by Ecto I looked at Mambo (too elaborate), Plone (overkill), WordPress (too simple), and Postnuke (too fanboy) among others. EE was just right, and after a six months of use I’m even more impressed with the software. It’s robust, powerful, and easy to use. And with version 1.2 it supports the Blogger API (and a new gallery feature which I’ll try when I can come up for air in a few weeks). Thanks, Rick!

I’ll get a newscast up for you and a post about the cruise with pix ASAP.

Happy Holidays

You may have noticed that the Blog has rolled back in time. There seems to be a bug in Greymatter that caused the archives to fail when more than 100 comments were added to an entry (that’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it). I restored from tape and I will restore the missing entries by hand when I get home.
Meanwhile I’m creating this entry for tonight’s show. We’re demonstrating how to do a blog and I’m going to show people how easy it is to use Blogger and Greymatter.

And to insert graphics, too. So

Holly sprigHappy Holidays!Holly sprig