State of the TWiT 2009

Here's the latest from the TWiT Cottage. We've been pretty busy! First, Colleen has done it again! Introducing Streamasaurus... Streamasaurus is a worthy successor to Skypesaurus, and in a similar vein. Skypeasaurus is the four-machine Skype setup I described here last March. This time we've created a six-computer setup to support our streaming video. Each …

The Armenian Domain Registry has come through. You can now start using for the live audio stream. The following URL works in WinAmp, VLC, MPlayer, xine, xmms, iTunes, and most other Shoutcast/Icecast compatible players. You can use the free FStream player on iPhone, or Nullriver's $6 Tuner Internet Radio (which I like a …

Mysterious Visitor From The East

I got a surprise birthday greeting this evening as Amber and I were taping net@nite - you'll hear the whole interview on next week's show... Birthday greetings Can you name that actor?

Mountain FM

I just completed an interview with Mike and Rebecca on CISQ, Mountain FM, in Canada's Whistler-Squamish area. The audio is available on the TLR Podcast channel or you can download it directly. It's a 14 minute MP3 that includes some of the pre-air chatter (for you radio voyeurs). Podcasting

Friday Schedule

Here we are in the airport with another audio blog. This one introduces producer, Ken Marquis, and Jennifer Crist from affiliate relations. Jennifer is filling me in on my schedule for Friday.
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