Balto Blog: Arundel Mills

More video from our trip to Baltimore. Here we are arriving at Arundel Mills for our first appearance. I ask Patrick, “what happened to your pants?”
Bass Pro (17 seconds)

I’d say there were about 500 people waiting for us as we entered the mall. Thanks for making us feel like rock stars!

Rock Star (53 seconds)

The first person in line was E_B from Leoville bearing Tasty Kakes!

OMG! (5 seconds)

Four hours and 47 minutes later, we meet the last person in line afer signing well over 600 autographs.

Sign The Pictures (25 seconds)

Afterwards I went over to Books A Million and quickly signed about 50 more books – if you run over you might find one. Last night Patrick met up with friends, but the rest of us were lucky enough to score tickets to the sold out Yankees-Orioles game at Camden Yards. Ken and I had Boog’s Barbecue and I bought a laser engraved Little League bat for Henry (“Hank Laporte”). What a beautiful ballpark. We took a water taxi to Fells Point for a few drinks at Crabby Dick’s, then back to the hotel so Jennifer, Johanna, and Jane could look for Yankees.

Next stop, the Best Buy in White Marsh in about two hours. Then on to New York City for World News Now and Live with Regis and Kelly.

Balto Blog: Crabby Friday

I’m also capturing a little video on the trip using my Olympus C-3040 digital camera. These are Quicktime movies encoded in MPEG-4. If you haven’t installed Quicktime 6 you will be prompted to do so. They should stream well even on a 40 kbps connection. On Friday, Mario Armstrong, the mayor’s Technology Liaison, took us on a tech tour of Baltimore, which included a visit to Bo Brooks, the classic Maryland crab house. Here Johanna Hall and Jennifer Crist from Affiliate Relations teach me how to eat a crab while producer Ken Marquis looks on:
Eatin’ Crabs

Later in the day Ken and I went to the DC bureau so that I could be a part of the fun during the Mitnick-Wozniak version of The Screen Savers. There we met with Peter Barnes and Gary Nurenberg. We also got a gymnastics demonstration from producer Alina Mesenbourg:

Perfect 10

Then Gary and Alina took us up to the bureau’s roof for the live shot. They have a beautiful view of DC from up there with the White House and Washington monument as a backdrop. You are supposed to call the White House when you go outside, however, so the snipers on the roof won’t pick you off. We forgot to call, but fortunately, no one shot at us:

White House View

A great day in Baltimore, despite the rain. Saturday dawned clear and bright and I’m getting ready for a trip to Arundel Mills for our first appearance. We’re hoping to take in an Os game at Camden Yards tonight.

Friday Schedule

Here we are in the airport with another audio blog. This one introduces producer, Ken Marquis, and Jennifer Crist from affiliate relations. Jennifer is filling me in on my schedule for Friday.

Windows Users (292 KB)

Macintosh Users (292 KB)

(Clicking the link should automatically start the audio stream. If one link doesn’t work try the other one. Or just type into your browser. You must have an MP3 player configured to automatically open and play MP3 files for this to work. Windows Media Player and iTunes should both work fine. Or download Winamp.)

On the air with Online Tonight tonight

David Lawrence is here at Gnomedex and he’s convinced me to do his radio show tonight. I’m not sure when I’ll be on but the show airs from 9-midnight Eastern all over the country. Check the Online Tonight website for a station near you.

Streaming Audio of Talk

I probably should have mentioned this earlier. There will be streaming audio of the entire Gnomedex conference at It costs $20 unfortunately, but if you sign up now you’ll still be able to hear Linux Journal’s Doc Searles (who is brilliant) and Blogger’s Evan Williams (another amazing success story). I’m speaking at 3:30p Central time today.

Live with Regis and Kelly

We pre-taped my segment with Regis and Kelly today but the show will air tommorrow, Wednesday, August 7.
I did two segments. In the first segment I showed “Beach Tech,” including:

In the second segment we connected Kelly with her husband, Mark, in Australia via netcam. A very touching moment – she hadn’t seen him in two months. She even brought on the kids for him to see. Fortunately, the netcam picture was excellent and the segment went over gangbusters.

Tonight Abby and I are going to see Oklahoma on Broadway, then it’s home tomorrow in time for The Screen Savers.

Silicon Spin

Oops. I forgot to mention. I’m filling in for Dvorak on Silicon Spin Thursday and Friday. I did the first one today at 3p Eastern. It will rerun at 2:30a, 7a, and 10:30a Eastern. And I’ll be back with the Friday roundtable at 3p Pacific tomorrow.
Spin is fun – I’d been pitching a McLaughlin Group style roundtable since my days with c|net – but Dvorak’s job is safe!

My Bags Are Packed

The car comes in half an hour and I’m off for Charleston WV and Fairfax VA. I sure hope Patrick feels well enough to do the show tonight!
I’ve loaded up my new HP Jornada 565 Pocket PC with audio books (I download ’em from Audible). I bought a 128 MB compact flash card for the Jornada. That’ll hold about 18 hours of audio books. I have a book called Bobos in Paradise, four or five This American Life episodes (my all time favorite radio show), and a couple of Robin Williams interviews with Whoopi Goldberg and Will Durst. I’ll stick some music on the Rio 500 for the flight, too. My current favorite flying songs: Bruce Hornsby’s Walking in Memphis, Everlast’s What It’s Like, Will Smith’s Miami, and Shania Twain’s That Don’t Impress Me Much.

I’ll be flying again on Wednesday, but just for a day. I’m going to LA to interview Ted Danson for the show. Those frequent flyer miles are starting to pile up!

I’m hoping people show up in Charleston and Fairfax. Everybody is so jumpy these days I wouldn’t blame them if they didn’t. My own producer begged off the trip yesterday. He just wasn’t comfortable flying. For some reason it doesn’t worry me much. I feel like it’s probably the safest way to travel these days. On the other hand, I’m not so keen crossing the Golden Gate Bridge ever since Governer Davis announced that terrorists plan to blow it up this week. Gee thanks, Gov.

See you in VA and WVA – or back on TV on Monday. -yawn-

Seattle XP

We had a great time in Seattle. I flew in on Friday, taped a piece on Tacoma, the self-proclaimed “America’s Number 1 Wired City.” Then we did a show to tape on Saturday. The edited show will air on Friday, 10/19 and through the weekend. Uncle Paul’s museum, Experience Music Project, looked great. Wait til you see how Microsoft’s XBox looks on the wall sized screen behind us.
We had a capacity live audience of about 300, pretty good considering that the Mariners were playing at the same time. It was so fun doing the show with a live audience. I would love to do it that way every night. Thanks to everyone who came to the show.

The weather was awful. At the end of the piece I did in Tacoma there’s rain dripping off my nose and the lettering on my microphone is starting to run. It was cold too. All the natives said that we had just missed beautiful weather. Yeah right. They probably say that to all the geeks.

I flew back right after the show, so I didn’t have any time to see more of Seattle. But I have a feeling we’ll be back.

Next week I’m flying to NYC to do Live with Regis and Kelly. They’re doing a technology week. Bill Gates is on on Thursday 10/25 (XP day) and I’ll be on the next day, Friday 10/26. I’m going to show Regis a bunch of tech gadgets. Should be fun.

I’m Flying!

I’m flying tomorrow for the first time since 9/11. It’s a little nerve wracking, I admit. The effects of the attacks are so widespread and long lasting, even among people who weren’t directly affected. I hold my breath every day when I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. I guess we’re all suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.
It’s a 7am flight to Seattle for our appearance at EMP on Saturday. I’ll have to get up at 3am to get to the airport in time to get through security. Ugh. But I guess it’s worth it. I’ll be flying a lot in the next three months. I’m tentatively booked to do Regis in NYC October 25, then an appearance in VA November 3/4. I’m MCing a cable dinner in Raleigh, NC November 25, then flying to St Louis for a December 15 appearance. Pant pant! That’s almost 30,000 air miles. Yikes!

I’m not all that nervous about it, but I might be when I get there. I’m actually looking forward to going to New York in a week. I was born there and have always loved the City. I feel a need to go pay my respects.

Pat and Leo head to Joisey

Finally the details are in on where Patrick and I are appearing on Father’s day.
We’re at Clarion Hotel & Conference Center on Route 70 East in Cherry Hill doing two technology seminars. Pat does The Wired House of 2005 at 11am and I’ll be guessing at The Future of the Internet at 1:30pm.

The speeches are free but you do have to pre-register on the TechLive web site.

I hope we’ll see you there!