Live Again with Regis and Kelly

Little reeg...Two upcoming appearances I wanted to let you know about.
I’m going to be on with Regis and Kelly again this morning. Check your local listings. I’m usually on in the last half of the show.

And Cat will be on Howard Stern some time Wednesday morning. Tune in, it should be very interesting!

Plugging Away

Lots of appearances lined up for the end of the year, as usual.

    On The Air

  • The segment I taped last week for Live with Regis and Kelly will finally air on Tuesday, December 9. It’s on at 9a in most markets, usually on an ABC affiliate.

  • I’m talking tech gadgets all week with Bill Handel, mornings on KFI 640 AM in Los Angeles.
  • I’ll be on with my buddy Steve Dahl on WCKG, Chicago, Tuesday at 5p Central.
  • I’m back on Rock Talk with Allan Handelman for his annual Christmas Buying Spree, Sunday, 12/14 from 10-11p Eastern.
  • And I do The Ronn Owens Show on KGO 810 AM in San Francisco, Wednesday 12/17 from 10-11a Pacific.

Phew! You can catch most of the radio appearances on the web, too. Check the various sites for details.

Almost Live with Regis and Kelly

A quick update on my appearance on Live. I’ll be taping my segment tomorrow after the show. It should air some time during the week of December 8th. I’ll get you a date as soon as I know.
Also the segments I did for World News Now are not going to air in their normal Tuesday AM time slots. The first aired immediately on Monday. The second will air in the next week or so. They want to get them both in before Christmas.

I had a booking to tape a segment for The John Walsh Show on Wednesday, but that’s been cancelled. I’m going to try to change my flight, but I may be stuck in NYC until Wednesday night. But I’ll definitely be back on Call for Help and The Screen Savers by Thursday.

Friday’s Découpage

I‘m sorry that I never got around to doing news on Friday, since TSS was dark. I hope you can live a day without it.
We did have a wonderful time Thursday night at the Barnes & Noble in Emeryville. About 50 people showed up – which B&N considered a very nice turnout. I confess I’ve been spoiled by the bigger events in other places (800 in St Louis, 500 in Baltimore, etc.). It just goes to show how little known TechTV is in our own hometown.

It was a pleasant change, however, to be able to take time with everyone. Becky talked about her book, Security Alert, and did a short reading from it. I gassed on about the future of computing, and then Becky, Megan, and I took questions from the audience. I hope I can do more signings like this – it’s great fun.

My mom is flying in from Providence on Sunday, so I’ll be taking Thanksgiving week off to be with her (and work on my new book, and finish the Dial-A-Song machine for They Might Be Giants). My birthday is Saturday, and I’m hoping she’ll make my traditional birthday dinner: home-made ravioli. Haven’t had that in ages. Then I’m off to New York for my regular segments on World News Now and Live with Regis and Kelly. Both should air December 2.

Thursday’s Sabotage

All the news that's fit to rant aboutGood morning news hounds. Don’t forget to join Becky Worley, Megan Morrone, and me at the Barnes and Noble in Emeryville, California this evening at 7:30!
I want a robot copter I can call my own. Beats turkey flavored soda.

Happy birthday Benoit Mandelbrot, father of fractals, born on this day in 1924. The crank pedal bicycle was patented on this day in 1866. It’s World Rights of the Child Day, commemorating the 1959 UN Declaration of Children’s Rights. Not in my house.

  1. A federal judge has denied Wells Fargo’s request to block pop-up advertising for a rival bank, saying that the pop-up ads are unlikely to confuse users. This is the second court victory for WhenU, a pop-up purveyor. They beat U-Haul in a similar case in September.
  2. High demand for LCD screens is pushing prices up. Experts say prices will stay high well into next year thanks to sales of LCD TVs. LCD TV shipments are expected to double next year. If history is any indicator, the increase in prices will trigger increased production that will ultimately reduce prices considerably.
  3. Projecting increased demand for its chips, AMD is breaking ground for a new $2.5 billion chip fab in Dresden. The plant goes online in 2006.
  4. NASA’s new supercomputer is running Linux. It’ll be used to study the oceans.
  5. Support the Free Software Foundation. California residents who purchased Microsoft software between 1995 and 2001 are receiving vouchers as part of the state’s settlement with Microsoft. The FSF is asking Californians to donate those vouchers to support their efforts to promote free software.

New pictures posted

I’ve been cleaning up my office – a yearly ritual – to get ready to work on the new books, and in the process found some old images I’d been planning to post for some time. They’re tucked away in the Old Pix page.
This is from our trip to Austin a couple of years ago. After the show we visited the County Line Barbecue where they treated us all to an amazing spread. Here are our former line producer, Russ Pitts, Patrick, Martin, and me dining. Things really are bigger in Texas!

Eatin ribs

I’ve posted some other pictures, including my old 3rd class radio license. Even DJs used to have to have these. I remember taking the train to the FCC offices in New York to get mine in 1976.

3rd ticket

The rest of the images are on the Old Pix page. Click on the thumbnails for full sized images. When I get a chance I’ll reorganize the navigation so it’s easier to get to.

Bay Area Book Signing

Megan Morrone and I are doing a book signing in the San Francisco Bay area Thursday evening November 20. We’ll be at the Emeryville Barnes & Noble with Becky Worley. We’ll give a little talk and sign for as many people show up. The event starts at 7:30p. See you there!


Patrick and I are having a blast, as usual, meeting fans at the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. We stayed four hours signing autographs with Michaela Pereira. I’m told we met 273 people. We usually get to more but we took our time today. We’ll have to work a little faster tomorrow; we both have planes to catch so we’ll be leaving at 3p sharp. Come early – they’ll probably cut off the line by 2pm.
I needed a little escapism after watching the Giants season end so suddenly this afternoon. Fortunately, Patrick and I had picked up copies of Neal Stephenson’s newest book, Quicksilver, at the airport bookstore. We were both big fans of Snow Crash and Stephenson’s last, Cryptonomicon, and couldn’t wait to get our hands on this one.

It’s very good, but very different from Neal’s previous works. It’s definitely not sci-fi. So far it takes place in the time span between 1655 and 1713 and deals with the birth of modern science. We meet Ben Franklin and Isaac Newton as children and see the earliest days of the “Massachusetts Bay Colony Institute of Technologickal Arts,” already home to investigations of computing machinery and far in advance of its neighbor, Harvard College, whose dons are still stuck in the scholasticism of the Dark Ages. We also meet the author of the original Cryptonomicon. But that’s only in the first hundred or so pages. I’ve still got 800 pages to go, and it’s just the first book in the three-volume “Baroque Cycle,” so who knows where we’ll end up. So far it’s a great read, though, and best of all… there wasn’t any baseball in the 18th century.

All’s Fair

A gift from a friendTurn out was a little light yesterday. I suspect it had something to do with being at the State Fair. Not only was there an admission charge of $5 to get in, but traffic was heavy and parking tough. You’d have to be pretty determined to show up. Nevertheless Patrick and I signed autographs for 301 hardy souls. Including the guy on the right. He travels around the world doing IT for the FBI. He gave each of us an evil looking spiked wooden mace from the Ukraine called a “boliva.” Can’t wait to give that to the kids. We also met a guy who invents new packaging for M&Ms, a young couple who met and fell in love in line to meet us last year, and quite a few babies who fall asleep to us each night. I love doing these appearances!
Tears of a clownAfter signing all those autographs and kissing all those babies, Patrick, Chris Leary, and I toured the fair. It was a true old fashioned state fair. Patrick kept gravitating toward the craft pavilions. He really seems to love old fashioned handicrafts. I’m not kidding. Chris and I gravitated toward Little Richard’s fried food stand. We ordered funnel cake, fried Oreos, and fried Twinkies. I think they’d fry my shoe for ten bucks.

At about six we headed back to the hotel. I went straight to bed, exhausted. I think everyone else went out to some Irish pub. Today it’s back to the fair for three hours then a six o’clock flight back home. There are lots of fair pictures on the mob, and I’ll post more today.

Bawlmar Bound

Patrick and I are off to Maryland today to make two appearances at the State Fair in Timonium. We’ll be in TechTV’s Digital Digs booth as part of the Comcast Pavilion in Entertainment Row Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3p. Stop by and say hi!