Upcoming Radio Stuff

Listener alertI’ll be on the Murray Wood Show, on NewsTalk 980 CJME in Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan today from 1-2p Central Mountain time talking tech and taking calls.
I also recorded an interview with Kai Ryssdal on APR’s Marketplace yesterday. We talked about Google competitors like Powerset and Maholo. It should air on your local public radio station today or tomorrow. MP3s are available from the web site.


Net@nite album artI’m back from MacMania V – and I had a wonderful time. I took a few still pictures, but I spent most of the time playing with the Sanyo Xacti HD1a. I’ll post some video in a day or so.

Meanwhile, our first episode of net@nite went pretty well Sunday night. We had a surprise visit from YouTube founder, Steve Chen (did you know the Google-YouTube merger talks started at Denny’s?), and a number of nice calls. Our host, Talkshoe, suffered some growing pains, but I expect most of the wrinkles will be ironed out by next week’s show. I told them that there would be a few people listening!

The high-quality edited version will go out on the Inside the Net feed Tuesday, but you can hear the raw and uncut right now at Talkshoe. Show notes are available on the net@nite blog.

I’ve also posted a brand new TWiT, recorded aboard the ms Veendam. It’s a completely new cast – none of the regulars were on the cruise – but I think it’s a very good show. Steve Stecklow, a senior writer for the Wall St. Journal was along to explain what the latest stock option backdating scandals mean, the very funny Andy Ihnatko weighs in on bottled water, and security and Perl guru, Randal Schwartz makes boat sounds. Stay tuned at the end for an interlude from our Captain.

I’m home this week, with lots of podcasts to record and post, then it’s back to Toronto for another week of Call for Help. The wonderful Cali Lewis of Geekbrief.tv will co-host once again for nine shows. The remaining six will be hosted by three different candidates to replace Amber MacArthur. Yes, on-the-air auditions. It’s a first for me, and I’m sure it will be a little scary for the propspective hosts, but that’s how they do things in Canadia. The shows will air some time next month.
undotv logoOh, and one more thing. While I’m in Toronto we’ll be holding a launch party for the new undo.tv. Save Tuesday, 11/14, on your calendar. We’re taking over No Regrets once again for the event. Details to follow.

Radio Today and TV Last Night

KGO Newstalk 810I’ll be a guest on the Ronn Owens show on KGO 810 AM in San Francisco today from 11a-Noon Pacific. You can listen to the stream live (there are buttons for MP3, AAC Plus, Real, WMV, and Quicktime streams buried in there amongst all the ads – wish KFI offered that kind of variety). If I can get my Radio Your Way recorder charged up by then I’ll post the interview on the TLR netcast later today.

Speaking of online viewing, you can watch Amber’s excellent debut on Citytv’s City News International yesterday on the CNI site. Looks like they’ll be posting her segments there every day and previous segments are available in the archives (her segment is called World Wide Web).

Toronto Meetup

Here we go again!

We have such a stellar bunch of people coming up for Call for Help next week we really thought we should do a meetup.

Tuesday, October 3, we’ll be recording Inside the Net live from the downstairs dining room at No Regrets in Liberty Village, T.O. The festivities and no-host food and drink start at 6:30p. Come by to meet:

and I bet we can talk some other Call for Helpers into stopping by.

RSVP at Upcoming.org – you’ll find directions and maps there, too. See you there!


It’s another gripping edition of Conversations with John Donabie on CFRB, Toronto.Listen to the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast to have it, and all the TLR audio, delivered automatically to your MP3 player.

Mountain FM

I just completed an interview with Mike and Rebecca on CISQ, Mountain FM, in Canada’s Whistler-Squamish area. The audio is available on the TLR Podcast channel or you can download it directly. It’s a 14 minute MP3 that includes some of the pre-air chatter (for you radio voyeurs).

We Love LA!

thumbnail imageThanks to everyone who came out to Cerritos Saturday afternoon. I was really surprised and gratified by the turnout. Frankly I didn’t know what to expect. But about 200 people showed up and I signed autographs and chatted with everyone for four hours (we closed the place up).
As you can see, I wore one of my old TechTV shirts and I’m glad I did. So many of you shared your fond memories of TechTV. It made me sad for the good old days. It seemed odd making an appearance without Patrick, or Kate, or Sumi, or Leary, or somebody from TechTV with me! Those days are gone, though, and I’m thrilled to be finding a new audience at KFI. And such nice people, too. Like Cathy and Bruuuuuce, shown here. They spent all four hours hanging out and helping me to feel at home.

Thanks to Jim Koo and his staff at Notebookshop.com for making a great event. Thanks, too, to the KFI promotion people, Andrea, Kyra, and Ran who kept everything hopping. I look forward to doing many more events like this in the Southland!

Friday Follies

All the news that's fit to rant aboutNews time…

  1. It’s only a matter of time now. A security expert released example code Wednesday that showed how to use the GDI+ hole in the Windows OS and other Windows programs to plant a malicious program on a computer using a JPEG file. Most anti-virus companies have updated their definitions to detect infected JPEG files – make sure you update your AV.
  2. Meanwhile Microsoft has announced it won’t update Internet Explorer unless you’re using Windows XP. The company said in a statement, “We do not have plans to deliver Windows XP SP2 enhancements for Windows 2000 or other older versions of Windows. The most secure version of Windows today is Windows XP with SP2. We recommend that customers upgrade to XP and SP2 as quickly as possible.” I guess Redmond is feeling the pinch.
  3. Sony has succumbed. In addition to supporting its proprietary ATRAC audio compression, new Sony music players will finally support MP3 files. I guess they realized you can’t have an iPod killer without it.
  4. Nokia has announced a new security camera that uses GSM, a cell phone technology, to phone home. When motion is detected the camera will send still images or video to any email address or cell phone.
  5. A recent survey of web users says nearly half couldn’t go two days without the net without suffering withdrawal symptoms. The “Internet Deprivation Study” from Yahoo and media group OMD said that respondents felt that they couldn’t function without the net. Participants in the study “experienced withdrawal and feelings of loss, frustration and disconnectedness when cut off from the online world.” They felt helpless, too, apparently having lost the ability to use the phonebook and newspapers to fetch information. They had to pay people $950 just to participate in the study.

Listen in Friday morning at 8:35a Pacific for my weekly news commentary on KFI 640 AM in Los Angeles.

Tune in tomorrow at 7:40a Eastern for my weekly visit with John Donabie on 1010 CFRB Toronto. And, of course, listen to my show every Saturday and Sunday, noon to 3p Pacific on KFI, Los Angeles.

I’ll be making an appearance at Notebookshop.com in Cerritos Saturday after the show from 4-7p. Please stop by and say hello!

On The Road Again

Off we goI am going on a 10-day road trip starting tomorrow. I have no idea what kind of Internet access I’ll have, so the news updates may be spotty for the next week and a half.
First stop, Washington D.C, where Patrick, Kevin, Sarah, and I will tape segments for a special The Screen Savers in Washington week which will air May 24-28 with an hour long special on May 30. Watch your program listings for details. I’ll be at the Air and Space Museum to interview John Glenn and the newest members of the astronaut corps, then it’s across town to the FCC to take a look at their newest technology and interview FCC Chair Michael Powell.

I’ll do the radio show Saturday from DC.

Then it’s off to Montreal to moderate a panel at the SAS Users Group International’s yearly meeting at Le Palais des Congrès.

Finally, I’m heading south to Palm Beach, Florida, to speak at HBO’s Sales & Marketing Summit. Jennifer and I will take a little R&R in Florida before heading back at the end of the week.

Call for Help will be running “encore presentations” May 11-17, but we’ll be back with all new shows, God and G4 willing, May 18.