Amber MacArthur and I will be making a personal appearance this week in Vancouver, BC on behalf of Future Shop.
amberstabsleo.jpgWe’ll be debating LCD vs Plasma and the Future of Television this Thursday, 27 September, from 11:30a-12:30p at the Futureshop store, 1740 West Broadway in Vancouver. The CBC’s Tod Maffin will be moderating (and keeping us from throwing any punches).

There’s very limited seating at the store – it’s first come, first serve – but you can also watch online at Free registration required – limited to the first 1000 registrants.

If this goes well we may be doing events like this all across Canada.

Upcoming Radio Stuff

Listener alertI’ll be on the Murray Wood Show, on NewsTalk 980 CJME in Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan today from 1-2p Central Mountain time talking tech and taking calls.
I also recorded an interview with Kai Ryssdal on APR’s Marketplace yesterday. We talked about Google competitors like Powerset and Maholo. It should air on your local public radio station today or tomorrow. MP3s are available from the web site.

Leo The Explorer

Leo wears the new SeV ExplorerI just got the Explorer Jacket from Scott E-Vest. It’s my new favorite – and I have pretty much everything Scott does. It’s a 3/4 length jacket in a very suede-like microfiber with a lightweight quilted lining and more pockets than ever. And it just looks and feels so good. Thanks, Scott!
We don’t have a TWiT version of this jacket, but we do have SeV TWiT hoodies, fleeces, and hats. You can get them from the great folks at ThinkGeek. Profits from the TWiT SeV merchandise help support the show, and you’ll feel good announcing that you’re a TWiT to the world!

And don’t forget to use the TWIT coupon code when you order anything from SeV for 20% off!

We now return you to Bioshock, already in progress.

The First Radio Mime

TTG album art
I’m launching my new national radio show tomorrow and I’ve completely lost my voice. Freud would have something to say about this.

My buddy Al, the throat doc, is telling me to shut up for 24 hours, so I’m canceling everything and going home to rest my voice. But I have to say one more thing before I do: yippee!

The Tech Guy radio show launches on Premiere Radio Networks tomorrow with the following stations, and more are joining every hour (including a really big announcement soon I hope).



Starting next weekend:

Back on KGO!

Some of the TWiT hosts will have short segments on the show. The plan is to have one three minute segment each hour at around 23 minutes past the hour. This week Steve Gibson and Paul Thurrott will be on talking security and Vista, respectively. Next week Amber MacArthur, Dick DeBartolo, Merlin Mann, and Ron Rosberg will join the line-up.

Our national launch sponsors will be DSLExtreme and Carbonite (thanks guys!), and thanks to KFI and Premiere Radio Networks for making it happen!

The new chat channel at is #techguy. The new call-in number is toll-free 1-888-8 ASK LEO (that’s 1–888–827–5536).

See you tomorrow (even if you don’t hear me!)

Be Mine

Della Fattoria Cookies
TWiT is going up at one minute past midnight Monday morning (I’m holding it a little longer than usual because Dvorak revealed some news that’s embargoed until then). I also have a new FLOSS Weekly and this WEEK in LAW to post this week. Monday I’ll post a visit to the actual Gadget Warehouse, recorded when I was with Dick DeBartolo in Manhattan last week.

Before I left on vacation I had a great conversation with the people at Vox. I’ve been looking for a web backend for the new Tech Guy radio show. The wiki I’m using now just doesn’t offer the social networking features I’m looking for. Thanks to Anil Dash and the folks at Six Apart I think I’m moving to Movable Type /Typepad (not sure which right now) with a new design from Apperceptive. We’ll continue to use the wiki until that’s done.

I’m also commissioning a theme song from the great Ashley Witt. Ash has done so many of the TWiT themes including Doin’ the TWiT.

The show launches in one week – I’ll have a final list of affiliates soon.

Bye Bye Wizard

I just received the sad news via MacMerc that the host of the Wizards of Technology and The Spoilers podcasts, Digital Bill Douthett, passed away yesterday.

Digital Bill was a great guy. An early podcaster who was always ready to spread a smile. I considered him a good friend. We’ll miss him very much.

Ric Yaeger at MacMerc has setup a fund to help cover the funeral expenses.

Toronto Meetup

Here we go again!

We have such a stellar bunch of people coming up for Call for Help next week we really thought we should do a meetup.

Tuesday, October 3, we’ll be recording Inside the Net live from the downstairs dining room at No Regrets in Liberty Village, T.O. The festivities and no-host food and drink start at 6:30p. Come by to meet:

and I bet we can talk some other Call for Helpers into stopping by.

RSVP at – you’ll find directions and maps there, too. See you there!

The New Sofa-Free Call for Help

I’m in the Burbank airport waiting for a 7am flight back home. I’ll have a day with the family (minus the radio show) then it’s off to Toronto tomorrow for our third week of taping – our third month of shows – for the new Call for Help.
MonicaThe new show is going through some changes, which always happens as you work out the kinks. Monica, my wonderful co-host, has decided that she can’t keep up with the grueling schedule. She kept her job in promotions at Rogers/Omni and doing both that and the TV show was just too much for her. She has opted to keep her day job and spend less time on the TV show. We plan to continue to use her from time to time as a field reporter. I know it seems strange to most people that someone would choose a role behind the cameras rather than in front. It’s never easy to know what you want to do in life, and when someone really is clear about that I totally respect their decision. We’ll miss Monica’s happy presence on the set but we’re glad she’s doing what makes her happiest.

Amber MacArthurFortunately our Web Workshop expert, Amber MacArthur, is willing to step up and take the role of co-host. Amber is an experienced TV host who has worked on the CBC, and in San Francisco for KQED. She’s also an accomplished web designer who has been consulting with Microsoft and other companies on usability and design. And she’s a Mac geek. Andy and I are thrilled to have her join the team.

We’re also working on dumping the red couch. That’s one departure that won’t be mourned. I know we all look uncomfortable sitting on those dang couches. We are. We’re looking for something to replace them. My preference is for high stools and a round table – kind of like a café, but we’ll see what the set designers come up with.

Every show is an evolutionary process. And despite the same old name and the same old host, Call for Help really is a new show. I think it’s a great show already, but we’re still perfecting it – and we have a long way to go. I really want to get a Wired World Challenge style game show up and running, for example, but it’s tough with the limited staff available. As the show, and staff, grows, there will be lots of things we can add to make it even better.

Meanwhile, thanks to our Canadian fans for your support. And to my friends in the US, patience. We’re working hard to find a US home for the show. I’ll let you know as soon as we get some idea of where there’s interest. (I think G4 is probably out – they seem to be headed in a totally different direction.) And to my other International friends – we’re not forgetting you. My plans for global domination have received a tiny setback, but I am not giving up. Today Toronto, tomorrow Dubai, and Sydney, and Nassau, and…

Call for Canada

The-New-Call-for-HelpersI‘m very happy to report that I’ve agreed to host a daily show for G4/TechTV Canada starting later this summer. We’ll produce the show here in Toronto. I’ll fly up one week a month to shoot. It looks like the format will be very similar to Call for Help, and, yes, we’ll be taking calls. Once we get the web site up and running there will be a place for you to submit your questions as before.
Pictured at left, my co-hosts (and actual Canadians) the lovely Jelena Mihajlovic and the geeky Andy Walker.

More details to come. Stay tuned. Now we’re off to see the Jays and the Dodgers. I’ll post pictures.

On The Road Again

Off we goI am going on a 10-day road trip starting tomorrow. I have no idea what kind of Internet access I’ll have, so the news updates may be spotty for the next week and a half.
First stop, Washington D.C, where Patrick, Kevin, Sarah, and I will tape segments for a special The Screen Savers in Washington week which will air May 24-28 with an hour long special on May 30. Watch your program listings for details. I’ll be at the Air and Space Museum to interview John Glenn and the newest members of the astronaut corps, then it’s across town to the FCC to take a look at their newest technology and interview FCC Chair Michael Powell.

I’ll do the radio show Saturday from DC.

Then it’s off to Montreal to moderate a panel at the SAS Users Group International’s yearly meeting at Le Palais des Congrès.

Finally, I’m heading south to Palm Beach, Florida, to speak at HBO’s Sales & Marketing Summit. Jennifer and I will take a little R&R in Florida before heading back at the end of the week.

Call for Help will be running “encore presentations” May 11-17, but we’ll be back with all new shows, God and G4 willing, May 18.