MacWorld Expo

MacWorld Expo is coming up January 15-18 and we’re planning to do several shows from the convention hall including MacBreak Weekly and TWiT. Save the date.


CES is the week before and I’m happy to say I will be skipping that monster of a show for the third year in a row. I was thinking of doing the radio show from there until I found out that for the first time CES would not be open on the weekend. Just as well. It’s an almost impossible conference to cover on-site (and I’ll be getting back from a family trip to Egypt the day before anyway).

Kati and the Kids are OK!

Just posted on CNET at 2:17P Pacific…

The wife and daughters of missing CNET senior editor James Kim have been found alive and airlifted to a local hospital, authorities announced at a press conference in Merlin, Ore., Monday afternoon.

James Kim left the car on snowshoes two days ago to seek help and has not been found. The search for him continues.

According to the official speaking at the news conference, the conditions of Kati, Penelope and Sabine are not yet known.
More details are expected at a press conference at 5 p.m. PST.

No word on James – but we’re praying for him!

Missing TechTVer

I just received this disturbing news. If any of you knows anything please help…James and family

CNET editor and former Fresh Gear contributor and Lab analyst James
Kim has been missing since Saturday. ANY word, especially from people
in the Oregon area is appreciated. The information is all below from
the official investigation by the SFPD.

Missing Family Includes: James, Kati, Penelope (age 4.5) and Sabine (6 months). Last name is Kim

Overview: The Kim Family left San Francisco on November 17th
on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest. They had Thanksgiving in
Seattle with family and then drove to Portland. They were last seen by
their friends in Portland whom they had brunch with on Saturday,
November 25. According to their friends, their plans were to drive out
to the town of Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast and then make their way
back to San Francisco. James was expected back at work on Tuesday,
November 28th. When no one had heard from him by Wednesday morning
employees at the Kims’ two stores and his colleagues at CNET began to
make phone calls to his family and friends to inquire of his
whereabouts. Presently, the SFPD is investigating the case.

The family was last heard from at around 5:45 PM on Saturday. A
hotel clerk at the Tu Tu Tun lodge in Gold Beach, Oregon took a call
from James. He said he was about five hours away. The hotel clerk said
she would leave the keys out for them as the lobby would be closed
after 10. The keys were still in the same place the next morning. The
clerk believes James referred to being near Salem, Oregon at the time.
They were driving a 2005 silver Saab station wagon with California
personalized plates of “DOESF”.

More details and pictures of the family are available on CNET’s Crave Blog.

If you know anything about James’ whereabouts, you can contact the SFPD by calling 415-558-5508 during normal business hours and 415-553-1071 after hours.  

Friday the 13th Sever Woes

I’m no triskaidekaphobe but I’m starting to be a believer. A hard drive on one of my servers died this morning. As a result,, and Leoville Town Square are down. So are all the podcast feeds (they live on but I’m moving them to cachefly as soon as I can).

The good news is that I have complete and up-to-date backups, so no data has been lost. The bad news is that my hosting company, The Planet, (nudge, nudge) is taking its own sweet time fixing the problem. (So far it’s been six hours without a response. I will be looking for a new hosting company.), the TWiT forums, and are unaffected. I’m hoping all the other sites will be up and running soon.

The podcast feeds are also locked – you can read them but the filesystem is read-only so I can’t add to them. There are new episodes of the Daily Giz Wiz, Windows Weekly, FLOSS Weekly, and The Laporte Report in the queue. I’ll post them on and update the feeds as soon as I am able.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: The Planet finally got a new drive in and the OS loaded a mere 12 hours after the initial failure. I’m out of town (fortunately the TravelLodge has good Internet access) so it’s a little tricky getting everything restored, especially since WHM won’t let me in. Once they fix this CPanel license problem I’ll get things back up. Everything should be back sometime today. I hope.

I’ve received some good recommendations for hosting, but I’m still shopping around. I’m looking for three dedicated servers – we currently spend $1000/month for three dual Xeon boxes with 2TB/month each and 100Mbps pipes. If some high reliability, service oriented hosting company would like to be the new home of TWiT please email me. Thanks!

Good Day Vancouver

I’ll be on the Bill Good Show on CKNW radio in Vancouver today at 11-11:30a Pacific. I’ll post audio on TLR after the show.

Kallaway on the Rise

I’ll be on with Dave and Stacy of Kallaway on the Rise on 95.5 WIFC central Wisconsin tomorrow morning. Just finished taping the interview – and what a pair of geeks! (No podcast – it was a phoner.)
Also coming up from noon-1p Pacific today: An interview with Murray Wood on 980 CJME Regina, Saskatechwan and 650 CKOM Saskatoon. I should be able to podcast that one on TLR later today. Listen live at or

Comedy Tonight

I’ll be speaking tonight at the Maryland Cold Fusion Users Group in Rockville. Since I know absolutely zero about Cold Fusion it’s bound to be an unsusual experience. If you’re in the area, come by and say hi!
UPDATE: You can watch in via Breeze Live. If you have a Flash player log into BreezeCentral. It’s free to watch – use the guest login. We begin broadcasting at 8p Eastern. I’ve uploaded a Powerpoint version of my presentation (which is not as cool as the Keynote version) but at least you’ll be able to see something. Not sure what will happen to the video clips!

Podcasting Has A Conference!

I will be speaking at the LA Podcast Expo on Friday, November 11 from 11:45am-12:45pm. With any luck I’ll be able to talk my fellow TWiTs into coming with me. I’m also planning to participate in Chris Breen’s Playlist panel from 2-3 that afternoon.
Visit the Podcast Expo web site for registration and information.

Two New TLR postings

There are two new postings in The Laporte Report podcast:

Subscribe to The Laporte Report podcast at (paste that URL into your podcast software).

Starting tomorrow this WEEK in TECH (the show formerly known as The Revenge of The Screen Savers or ROTSS) will no longer be on the TLR feed. It will have its own feed at Please add that URL to your podcast software, as well. For other formats and the BitTorrent feed URLs visit the new TWiT web site.