Abby Arrives In France

We haven’t heard from Abby yet, and we’re not going to bug her, but we do know she’s safe and sound in France. We have pictures to prove it.
This is her host family picking her up yesterday. I think she’ll feel right at home!

Abby in France.jpg

First Day Driving

Abby got her learner’s permit today. Now it’s up to Jennifer and me to give her 50 hours of driving “instruction” so she can get her license.

I know it’s a cliché, but they really do grow up too fast.

Last Night at World News Now

Abby came with me on Sunday night to help me shoot the World News Now segments for ABC. WNN shares the set with World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Here’s a look at the familiar ABC News logo.
The ABC News set

Abby took this shot, too.

Leo on the ABC WNN set

Here I am getting ready for the segment.

Leo on the WNN set

Finally a short video starting with Abby on the WNN set. The video ends with Peter Jennings view when he does the news. The chair in the lower left corner is Jennings’s chair. As you can see he look into nothing while delivering the news. All the good looking stuff is behind him.

Click to view Quicktime video (20 seconds)

I’ll post pictures and video from today’s Regis rehearsal next time.