Cool! Next week Andy Hertzfeld,

Cool! Next week Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original apple macintosh team members (he did a lot of the OS code) will be in to show Eazel – his new GUI for Linux. He’s bringing the original Macintosh wire wrap! Andy is one of the great geeks. A must see.

OK. I’ve been having a

OK. I’ve been having a little trouble getting the archive working. I think I’ve got it now. No error messages on posting anyway, but the Archives link below still doesn’t work. It will.
(Incidentally, I’m writing this while trapped in the Screen Savers production meeting. Aha the real purpose of blogging – to pass time in boring meetings!)

Oops. A little error. I

Oops. A little error. I left in some of the icky table code. Actually all it appears I really need to keep is the stuff in between Blogger directives.

OK. I’ve made fairly substantial

OK. I’ve made fairly substantial changes to the template to make the page fit better with the overall Leoville look. I’ll have to test it in a variety of browsers – I’m not sure it’s going to work just right. Man it’s amazing how productive you can be when you don’t sleep all night. Anxiety over my contract negotiations woke me at 1:20a and I don’t think I got back to sleep until 4 or 5. I feel like something the dog dragged in.

Picture This

I’ve added a picture to the blog. I’m not sure exactly how Blogger works. Does it preserve my changes to the HTML? Let’s see!

It Begins

This is the new Leoville web log. I’ll be posting random thoughts here. Things too short or stupid to make it to any of the other media I work in.
Guess there’s going to be a lot of stuff here.