You may notice that there’s nowhere on this site with an email address. That’s because I get far too much email already: Too much to answer; often too much even to read, hundreds of messages an hour. All of it’s important, I know, and it breaks my heart to have to ignore it, but if I didn’t I’d have time to do nothing else. If you’re a PR professional with a press release, product information, or a guest pitch, check the PR page. If you are looking for an interview with me for your own program email For advertising inquiries check out the advertising page.

Here are some of the answers I’ve been known to send out:

I appreciate your sending along information about your product, service, web site, brilliant idea, or podcast proposal. I wish you all the best. I will read it and store it away for future reference. I don’t meet with vendors, so please don’t ask. isn’t looking for any more podcasts either, but good luck with your show!

Advertising Sales for TWiT is handled through Lisa Laporte, We charge $70 per thousand listeners – so an ad on one of our podcasts can cost from $350-$20,000 depending on how popular the show is. Thanks so much for your support!!

Leo doesn’t have a definitive answer for the PC vs Mac/Android vs iOS/Yankees vs Red Sox question, but he generally says, “Windows for business, Macs for home” and Go Giants!

Unless you’re a PC gamer, or have specific Windows software you have to run, a Mac is almost always a better choice for content creation, email, web surfing, and all the other things home users do. And there are no viruses or spyware on the Mac to worry about!

Thanks so much for writing. Unfortunately due to the volume of mail I get I just don’t have the ability to answer individual questions. I’ll keep your question in mind for use on the podcasts or radio show, though. If you’d like us to consider your question for The New Screen Savers email

You might search my radio show web site for an answer. I’ve also found that searching Google can be helpful.

If you’d like to ask your question on my syndicated radio show call 1-88-88-ASK LEO from 11a-2p Pacific weekends.

I appreciate hearing from you. I hope you understand why I can’t be of much help!

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