Today In Tech?

One of the radio stations that carries the Tech Guy radio show, KGO in San Francisco, asked me if I would be interested in doing a daily technology minute for them. Just as an experiment I wrote and recorded one – it took me about an hour and a half to do it, but I think I could cut that down to half an hour with practice. I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort. What do you think? Would you subscribe, listen, or watch such a thing if I did it every day?

Yes, I know it’s a terrible acronym. Or is it?

Scoble And The Weather

Robert Scoble is like the weather. Everyone complains about him, but no one can do anything about him. (I kid.)
Part one of the interview I did with Scoble for is online. Part two should be up tomorrow. If you missed my MMacworld keynote, many of the things I talked about appear in this show…

Man do I need a haircut.

The rest of the keynote made its way into this podcast interview I did last night with the Weather Brains (four TV meteorologists who have a very entertaining audio show about weather).

Weatherbrains Episode 155

Follow the Weatherbrains on Twitter: James Spann, JB Elliott, Brian Peters, Kevin Selle. I thank them for their hospitality.

Twitter Hacked

This morning at around 9am Pacific “under 50” of the most-followed Twitter users lost control of their accounts, including Barack Obama, CNN’s Rick Sanchez, Fox News, and me.
Both my password and the reset email address were modified. As far as I know the hacker didn’t post on my account, but Fox News tweeted “Bill O’Reilly is gay” and Rick Sanchez announced that he was taking the day off because he was on crack. Twitter was quick to remove these spurious posts and block the hacker. But what really happened?

I got this explanation from Twitter’s John Adams, @netik, via Qik on my iPhone at the Tweetup at the 21st Amendment tonight. According to John, the hacker gained access to Twitters admin tools.

[qt: 480 400]