Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-02

  • Landmark day on TWiT Live – our first 5000+ viewer show. And Stickam handled it flawlessly. I’d like to reach 10,000 by year’s end. #
  • @heimmermann There are two chat rooms during TWiT Live. The Stickam room tops out at 500; http://irc.dslextreme.com is unlimited. #
  • Athough, when you get 500 people in a single chat room it’s virtually unusable. #
  • @luomat Bokeh uses pause() it doesn’t kill the process so it’s a little more complicated than I imagined. Fancier than the “nice” cmd, too. #
  • @danielpunkass Listen to the FLOSS Weekly on git – the biggest diff is that everyone has full copies of the repository, so it’s safer. #
  • I got ripped off on Ebay. Seller’s phone number was fraudulent. I paid $2200 a month ago – Canon XL2 for studio. Filed dispute – yeah sure. #
  • That’s my last Ebay purchase. #
  • @patricknorton It was through Paypal – so now the dispute is in their hands (Ebay passes it off). I still hold out hope. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-01

  • @typicalmacuser You’ve probably heard by now but Grand Central no longer has invites. I’m thinking Skypecasts can replace Talkshoe. #
  • Sites like Plurk show that there’s still lots of room to innovate in the Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce space. http://www.plurk.com/user/leolaporte #
  • Sorry – this is a better invitation URL for Plurk. (It’s a very Ajaxy Twitter clone.) http://is.gd/p1x #
  • Hmm. That didn’t take long. Plurk is now Borked. #
  • T – 2 minutes for this WEEK in TECH on TWiT Live with Martin Sargent, Patrick Norton, Jim Louderback, and Calacanis. http://twitlive.tv #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-31

  • TWiT this week will focus on the Rev3 DDoS incident with @jlouderb, @patricknorton, @martinsargent and @jasoncalacanis. Live @ 3p PDT Sunday #
  • @Hellstorm Good point. It must have been a DDoS or they would have just blocked the source, but they did say it all came from MediaDefender. #
  • @rozsavage update: she’s rowing upwind and making slow progress. Updates at http://rozsavage.com/blog – working on her Twitter interface. #
  • I’ll talk with @rozsavage live at 10a PDT (1700 GMT) at http://twitlive.tv – the podcast should begin this weekend so you can hear it all. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • New Comcast modem is even faster – 30mbps down – but it’s still dropping out. Which, unfortunately, kills TWiT Live even tho it’s on the T1. #
  • @ryanblock GnuPG but you’ll need to do some fiddling. This doc is handy – http://snipurl.com/2bidg – and get this http://snipurl.com/2bidp #
  • @Agent_C What percent of malware infections are you able to remove without reformatting the drive? How often do those machines stay clean? #
  • @docwho76 Each connection is discrete. The video stream goes to Stickam on a T1. Skype uses the DSL. General surfing is left to Comcast. #
  • @danwil The Wire, Season 4. Only one season left. -snif- So far I like season 2 the best. @hotdogsladies likes 1 & 5. #
  • @docwho76 I was using Comcast to manage the Stickam chat. If I leave the chat, the Stickam server closes. I’ve asked them to change that. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-29

  • Martin and I kiss and make up. Then kiss some more. http://revision3.com/internetsuperstar/feud/ #
  • @pazaq Save some money and get the Cann 50mm 1.4 – it’s fast enough. (But the 1.2 is lovely!) #
  • @detorn I think I’ll stick with Disqus after all – I don’t want to whipsaw my blog readers. #
  • @bhenry05 Dane is training a new editor (Tony) so MacBreak Weekly will be a little late, but it should be out any minute now. #
  • I may not be able to retire Visual Hub after all. MKV file crashed the AppleTV. Sapphire is very cool though – imports metadata from IMDB. #
  • The cool thing about the aTV hack is that I can now FTP files right into the Apple TV and use Sapphire to tag and categorize automatically. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-28

  • Hey Bay Areans! @garyvee will be speaking at my friend Elaine’s book store tomorrow at 1p. A must see!! http://snipurl.com/2azbk #
  • Boy that was easy. Just got the $60 aTV Flash from Apple Core. A couple of reboots and my Apple TV is fully hacked. http://snipurl.com/2aziq #
  • Excellent and balanced article by Freeman Dyson on global warming. Will carbon-eating trees save us? http://is.gd/mPQ #
  • @jeffjarvis Twitter’s problems keeping you up late Jeff? Me, too. #
  • Pirates wear eye-patches not because they’re missing an eye, but to preserve their night vision. And on that note I bid you good night. #
  • I’ll get you Martin Sargent. If it’s the last thing I do. http://revision3.com/internetsuperstar/feud/ #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-27

  • @newmediajim It’s extremely hard to charge for something that has been free. In my opinion, for-pay Twitter is a non-starter. #
  • @ev, if it’s people like me, with large follower numbers, that are breaking Twitter, I will willingly withdraw. #
  • @newmediajim It might work for Twitter to offer additional services for the money (ala Flickr). But charging for better uptime? won’t work. #
  • And anyway I don’t think money is the issue. Twitter’s problems seem more structural than caused by bandwidth/server constraints. #
  • @newmediajim I signed up for Twitter in December 2006 (yes, 2006) but closed my first account last year with a then huge 5,000 followers. #
  • @newmediajim Aren’t Twitterers loyal to the community, not the platform? If the community gets fed up and leaves, it’s over, neh? #
  • @1938media Does this mean I’m immunized from a Leo puppet? Wouldn’t be hard to parody me, I think. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26

  • I just can’t bring myself to throw out a 160GB drive, even though it’s not really good for anything. #
  • @sdfx It came _out_ of a Drobo. I put 500GB drives in. Soon it will be 1TB drives! #
  • 40 hot dogs, 2 tri-tips, ribs for 20, 40 tamales, 5 gal pina coladas, 5 gal lemonade, 1 small keg, 20 btls of wine. God bless America. #
  • Oh, and 160 lbs of ice, a sno-cone machine, and one American flag. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-25

  • Abby and her date are off to the senior prom. He was wearing a Zoot Suit. She was in a green gown with a silk scarf from @valeriekhoo. #
  • @barrybrown I own both. The Mackie Onyx is more flexible because it has AUX channels (mix-minus for Skype). I use the MOTU for field record. #
  • I’m heading to Sausalito to see @rozsavage off. She leaves at midnight to try to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific. #
  • Roz just rowed out under the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight. Next stop: Hawaii. Follow her @rozsavage. It’s truly inspiring. #
  • @RozSavage is attempting a solo row of the Pacific. She will podcast and Twitter her progress via sat phone. We’ll talk Tuesday on TWiT. #
  • @pjakobs Toughest is getting to sea. She got caught in the eddies around the GG Bridge. Took 8 attempts to get through but she made it! #
  • @erazmus I have three interviews with her which I will podcast, then we’ll talk with her 3x a week via sat phone until she arrives. #
  • @TechNTools I told you guys Jaiku was better! It’s Twitter + Brightkite + Friendfeed and running on Google servers. If only you’d listened! #
  • @OceanDoctor Yes – Roz has a satellite phone which can send SMS messages mid-ocean. I think she’s got someone posting them as tweets, tho. #
  • @pjakobs That’s why she left at midnight – to catch the ebb tide. But the currents eddying around the GG Bridge are very intense. #
  • Woo hoo! Well done @MarsPhoenix! #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-23

  • @WillBar Yes, but where’s the water coming from? Your cold glass is cooling the warm air around it and causing water to condense from air. #
  • @thesupermikey I use the Qstarz BT-Q1000 GPS dongle. On the Mac use BT747 to import the data and HoudahGeo to geotag photos. I’ll do a demo #
  • @vector_kyle Henry would rather skate than program. Daddy didn’t raise no geeks. I think I’ve created a few in other ways, though. #
  • @ShaunMiddleton The Tricaster supports six video and three computer inputs. Wirecast is cool, but much more limited. I need more power! #
  • @drandolph Thanks for helping @digitalkitty with the crimping. We’ve got gigbit everywhere now. Come up and see us when you return! #
  • Internet pioneer Brewster Kahle is on TWiT Monday to talk how he went public and got the FBI to back off the Internet Archive. #
  • @gheydon HoudahGeo geotags RAW and reads iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom catalogs. Geophoto is good, too and prettier. I use both. #
  • @Scobleizer Gigabit’s in my office. We’ve also got a PS3 and Rock Band. Stop by and I’ll put you on camera. (That should seal the deal.) #
  • @ScottJOnofrio Best way to find out what apps I use is to follow my Wakoopa feed: http://wakoopa.com/chieftwit – Windows and Mac apps #
  • Off to do my weekly KFI blab (Netflix Player) then Auntie Dawn arrives to get her Windows machine disinfected. Microsoft owes me another day #
  • Auntie Dawn’s PC was an easy fix. HP has a pretty decent recovery tool that preserves apps and data. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-22

  • @chrispirillo Sorry to hear about your parents. We’ll be praying for them. Take care. #
  • I apologize to those offended by my story about my wife’s publishing venture in this week’s MacBreak Weekly. Anyone need “doll” clothes? #