Leo’s Twitter Updates For The Week Of 2011-06-12

Leo’s Twitter Updates For The Week Of 2010-02-21

Leo’s Twitter Updates For The Week Of 2009-11-01

  • No plans at the moment @chasejoseph. I'm staying put until CES. in reply to chasejoseph #
  • Nigeria actually arrests, shuts down online scammers (Jacqui Cheng/Ars Technica) http://bit.ly/1axHnO #
  • I broke down and pre-ordered the Nokia N900. It was T-Mobile's contract-free Even More Plus plan that sealed the deal. http://bit.ly/4aH9vv #
  • RT @holgr: "To those who adjusted their clocks last night, @twitlive begins an hour earlier. "- good point! the US is still on summer time. #
  • Really @kypeli? Does the N900 feel too big? Sluggish? my only concerns. Still looking for that iPhone killer! Real Firefox+Flash is exciting #
  • There was no urgency @JGallo02. The N900 won't be available in the US until next month. #
  • Lately @levisan I've been using Tweetdeck, but Tweetie, Seesmic, Hootsuite, and Brizzly all have their good points. Tweetie 2 on the iPhone. #
  • OK @JGallo02! Question 1, how's the N900's battery life? #
  • True @redragon, but for now you need Flash to watch TWiT Live. So there's that. #
  • Oh you can be sure I'll buy a Verizon Droid when it comes out, too, @randyshapiro. Is it the rise of the Open mobile OSs? #
  • I always try to give the UTC time as well as local, @relequestual. What time is it now UTC? I think we're UTC+8 in Cali now right? #
  • .@redragon Canvas FTW! #
  • .@LinhN I usually have two or three mobiles at any give time. I have (paid) accounts with all four major providers for review purposes. #
  • Thanks @spsheridan – timescroller is exactly what I need! Got both the widget and the app! http://bit.ly/12S7Kp #
  • Ah @bournecycle but that's where Google Voice is da bomb. It rings all my phones at once! #
  • Verizon for 3G T-Mobile for customer service. Coverage depends on location but Verizon is often the winner – with some notable exceptions. #
  • For example, Las Vegas is a Sprint town. (Sprint also has excellent 3G but I suspect that's because no one is using it.) #
  • Alas @johnpauldickie our new VT-5 tricaster has problems with video recording and playback. We're working on another solution for re-runs. #
  • Apologies – there was a screw up on the factory floor and Security Now went out on the TWiT feed this AM. We've fixed this now. #
  • If you refresh your TWiT feed you should get the proper show now. So sorry. #
  • Hey @Bazzwood – the only ads I do are clearly marked as such on the podcast or radio show. Anything else I recommend for the love of it. #
  • Our model, @aaronights, is to have a small number of advertisers I can get behind 100%. If I endorse something it's because I use it. #
  • Works better for the advertisers and lets me sleep at night. Well usually anyway. #
  • Yeah @curtl – I've been using Friendfeed for the show announcements (http://bit.ly/A8Q85) and the link is sometimes slow. I'll reconsider. #
  • A 300-person human tweet to protest an Internet tax in Mexico: http://twitpic.com/mw9cl (via Javier Matuk @jmatuk) #
  • Up early today @JScott528 gotta see a man about a car. SHO enuf. #
  • One word @CharlieGeorge: passion. If you care deeply about your subject your listeners will care about you. in reply to CharlieGeorge #
  • Good idea @briandigital. I'll create a feedback@twit.tv address. Thanks! in reply to briandigital #
  • Car Shopping http://post.ly/AMJV #
  • Definitely @jaymer – we'll be in Vegas for five days, Jan 6-10, broadcasting live. We'll do a meetup Friday evening maybe? Where is good? #
  • Hmm @blackneuron. Probably Office. The only reason to use Google Docs is for sharing and universal access. I do use it for everything, tho. #
  • RT @LouGriffith: "@leolaporte did you know you are in the Google Social Search demo? http://bit.ly/LaOS9" – cool! Thanks @MattCutts! #
  • My Tech Guy radio show is on XM Channel 158, @matagin, Saturday and Sunday 2-5p Eastern. (And around 70 terrestrial radio stations.) #
  • We had Quim Gil from Maemo on FLOSS Weekly in January, @JGallo02. http://twit.tv/floss54 #
  • @kiwinerd thanks! Forwarded the article along to her and Jennifer. in reply to kiwinerd #
  • @lightningboy7 yeppers – KFI broadcasts all six hours of the tech guy show each weekend and it's on I Heart Radio. in reply to lightningboy7 #
  • @Seanfunk No Sirius, alas, just XM. in reply to Seanfunk #
  • @natasha How about the TWiT Cottage? We need an artist-in-residence. in reply to natasha #
  • Wait @MacTipsDaily. Really? _Watching_ TWiT on TiVo? Like video? How? #
  • Skip the Storm II, @davidmote, and watch for the Droid and its little brother the Droid Eris/Desire. I hear they're the real deal. #
  • I just unlocked the "Gym Rat" badge on @foursquare! http://bit.ly/qFgvB #
  • To The TWiTmobile http://post.ly/AgmT #
  • To The TWiTMobile http://post.ly/AiUl #
  • With any luck Umphrey's McGee @umphreysmcgee will join us in studio today at 4p Pacific/2300 UTC. http://live.twit.tv #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-12

  • I’d like to use my 1,000th tweet to concede to @kevinrose. This wasn’t the party we planned, but I sure do like the company! Need a veep? #
  • After a very successful trial on TWiT Live this evening I’m seriously considering dropping Skype for Oovoo on TWiT. http://oovoo.com #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-11

  • I think this is probably my last day at #1 on Twitter. @kevinrose is only 150 back. It was fun while it lasted. http://snipurl.com/2ezbc #
  • The toughest thing about spending all day on the air is all the email and stuff that accumulates. Still going through it. -sigh- #
  • Hey EA where’s my advance copy of Spore? Am I not enough of a Sporelebrity for you? Time to call Bing. #
  • @NoHypeReviews Who has Spore tonight? @ijustine, @kevinrose, @laughingsquid – and probably many more. That’s ok. I just got Zelda on the DS. #
  • @laughingsquid oops. Freudian slip. #
  • @sirtwist Advertising on TWiT is handled by Podtrac, and an excellent job they do. #
  • @wilshipley If I’d had a copy I would have given it to you. If you had invited me to your party I mean. I feel like Kathy Griffin right now. #
  • I just added a new feed ‘Toluu Blog’ http://www.toluu.com/feeds/999944921 #
  • I just added a new feed ‘Read/WriteWeb’ http://www.toluu.com/feeds/357227122 #
  • I just added a new feed ‘TechCrunch’ http://www.toluu.com/feeds/114731626 #
  • I just turned off Toluu’s “I just added a new feed” feature. #
  • @dsilverman It’s Twitter-spam and I’m sorry I contributed! It makes sense in an aggregator like FF, but not Twitter. #
  • @randypeterman I’m an atheist, but any educated westerner should know the Bible. #
  • Talking about Twitter uses, Ebay scams, and the Ultimate Gaming Machine on Twit Live right now. http://twitlive.tv #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-09

  • @chrispirillo For digital cables, yes, but for analog connections high quality cables do make a difference. #
  • How will you follow the WWDC keynote tomorrow? Twitter? The Web? I’m thinking an aggregator like Friend Feed will be the richest source. #
  • @ScottBourne Can you pick me up one of whatever it is you’re buying? kthxbai #
  • What’s the best IRC chat to follow for the SteveNote? #
  • Retweeting @arnoldkim:irc.macrumorslive.com channel #macrumors – same content as macrumorslive.com but a little faster, and with photo links #
  • Frederique tells me we broke 10,000 viewers on TWiT Live today. Thank you Steve. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-07

  • @heyno Sorry you were banned. I’ll speak to the chat mods. They’re volunteers and sometimes they take their job a little too seriously. #
  • @rozsavage is in the worst gale she’s ever weathered – force 10. I hope to talk with her tomorrow at 10a Pacific (UTC -7). #
  • @Snaggy I only wish @rozsavage could see the lovely potrait Nitrozac did. I think it’s some of her best work! http://snipurl.com/roz #
  • Painters are here and disconnected the only TV with cable. Guess I’ll have to listen to Hillary’s speech on the radio. How quaint. #
  • Looks like Agile and Twitter got into a cat fight at @rozsavage. Very very sorry. I’ll update her twitter by hand from her SMS from now on. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-06

  • Watching a lot of MSNBC to see how they shoot it. Learning switching, CGs, camera angles, etc. I never really paid attention before. #
  • Working on getting Roz Rows 4 and 5 out today so we’ll be completely caught up. @rozsavage is heading into a force 10 gale. We talk tomorrow #
  • Amazon is down??? “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” #
  • When was the last time Amazon was down? The great DDoS attacks of Feb 2000? #
  • I blame Media Defender. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-05

  • As Herman Melville once said, call me Truck Spank. #
  • What’s the best FTP program for Windows? ws_ftp is not working well for us. #
  • @Moltz The Snowball clips easily – I prefer the Samson, or better yet the Røde Podcaster. If you’re budget constrained the Snowflake is gd. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-04

  • This country has just made history. I am so proud. #
  • I feel terrible for Hillary and all the women and girls who hoped to break the ultimate glass ceiling. It’s too bad they couldn’t both win. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-03

  • @abbylaporte’s new Air arrived just in time – she turns in the school’s G4 MacBook tomorrow. She and the Air go to France in the fall. #
  • @stalefries oops – yep it was an iBook. Funny, I never thought I’d get used to MacBook and now I can’t remember to say iBook. #