Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-14

  • San Francisco is FULL of database nerds. Oracle Open World is much bigger than MacWorld. But not as cool. #
  • I would like to be able to easily record and embed video into my WordPress blog – ideally from within WordPress. Any suggestions? (seesmic?) #
  • Just finished 7 Giz Wizzes. I don’t think I have the energy to post MacBreak Weekly and Munchcast tonight #
  • Oo look what came in the mail today: a 4GB Black Zune. Two podcasts on it: This Americal Life and KEXP. I had heard Windows Weekly would be. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-13

  • Just back from dinner with AMD’s Hector Ruiz, John Markoff and other luminaries. Stunned to learn AMD CAO Tom McCoy is "in the TWiT Army!" #
  • The Asusu EEE PC is a perfect portable Twitter machine. I’m going to have to redesign all my sites for 800×600. #
  • @uberalex The EEE is perfectly responsive. And the keyboard is usable with a little practice. The screen is small – but overall I like it! #
  • Drove into SF from Petaluma to tape MacBreak and MacBreak Dev. The Marin commute is worse than ever. Good for podcasting, bad for my BP. #
  • @barron blood pressure! #
  • @maclover I got the Asus EEE yesterday. It’s pretty sweet. I’ll do a review soon. Meanwhile check out Wil’s. http://urltea.com/2382 #
  • Handy TV tip: don’t wear green shirts to green screen shoots. Had to buy three shirts at Tommy Bahama. Had to. Honest. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-12

  • Superlative TWiT today: Patrick Norton, Wil Harris, Jerry Pournelle, and Jason Calacanis on Android, Open Social, Facebook, and Digg. Wow! #
  • @scottsimpson – Amazon Subscribe and Save and you’ll never buy a 96-roll pack of tp again. http://urltea.com/22h6 #
  • Calacanis convinced me to stop turning down friend requests on Facebook. As of right now it’s open season. http://urltea.com/22i6 #
  • TWiT is posted and I can go to bed. http://twit.tv/121 #
  • I suppose if you’re going to collect things free fonts are better than antique muffin tins. http://urltea.com/21pk #
  • Top 10 reasons I’m Twittering again: http://urltea.com/22pu #
  • @veronica – OK the Dopplr infomercial the best thing I’ve seen in years. Maholo Daily is now the number 1 show on the web. #
  • I always worry when my tainer says "we’re going to do something a leeetle different." #
  • New show idea: Apple-free TV (or No Mac Radio) – no Apple news all the time. Wonder if AMD would be interested? Must ask Hector tonight. #
  • @chartier once one of your blog comments has been approved the rest are automatic. I get a lot of comment spam. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-11

  • Turkey hash for dinner then me and the dog are watching a movie. #
  • OK. Maybe Inland Empire wasn’t the best choice for a movie. "If it was 9:45, I’d think it was after midnight!" #
  • Wearing my "Java World Tour 1997" denim shirt. Those were the days. #
  • @JasonCalacanis – I responded to your LinkedIn post re: getting 250,000 downloads/day for Mahalo daily. In short: lie. #

Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2007-11-10

  • On the way to the airport in Las Vegas watch for people on foot. They’ve gambled away even their cab fare. My feet are still hurting. #
  • The Virgin America skyway is darkened, has a disco ball, and trance music. But the seats don’t recline. #
  • Ok this sounds a little gay but the Virgin America pilots are cute. I mean really cute. #
  • The web guys at G4 says they preserved all the old TechTV shows AND web content! Hallelujah! #

Twitter Updates for 2007-11-09

  • I surrender Twitter. You win. #
  • Cabbing it home, fiberboard award in hand. #
  • @ijustine – I believe it’s in _da_ house. #
  • Headed into my keynote with no slides, no ideas, no notes, and no exit strategy. I should probably announce a run for the presidency. #
  • Why does my blog have a higher Technorati ranking than TWIT.tv? #
  • What’s all this url linking in tweets. Why in my day… never mind. #