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Leo Laporte

My name is Leo Laporte. I am a US-based broadcast journalist and netcaster specializing in technology. This site is home to my blog and contains information about everything I publish, but I also have several other web sites you might be interested in, including the following:

  • You’ll find notes for my nationally syndicated radio talk show at The Tech Guy Labs.
  • My television show currently airs in Canada and Australia. That web site is The Lab With Leo Laporte. You’ll find video of all our guest segments there. We’re working on getting US distribution for the show. Stay tuned.
  • I also host and produce the most popular technology shows on the Internet. You can find them all at TWiT.tv or you can subscribe to them on iTunes.
  • I blog regularly right here and post regular short updates on Twitter and Jaiku. The Jaiku feed is a stream of nearly everything I do on the net. (You can see a Flash version of the Jaiku feed to the right.)
  • We have active message boards that are open and free to all at Leoville Town Square.