We’re Back!

I left TechTV 11 years ago. One year later I started TWiT. Practically every day since then I’ve met people who loved The Screen Savers and asked me if I ever planned to bring it back. I always said no, because TWiT was really a different beast, and I don’t like the idea of recreating something I’ve already done.

But the drumbeat never stopped, and over the years the capabilities of our TWiT production team got better and better. Our New Year’s Eve marathons over the last two years convinced me that we had the chops to do something like a TV show but more authentic, less glossy, and better suited to 2015.

I didn’t want to bring back The Screen Savers, but I did start thinking that we could do a new Screen Savers for a new decade. A variety show dedicated to technology and featuring many of the folks I have worked with over the past 20 years, mixing TechTV favorites with our current talented TWiT team and introducing a new generation of makers, hackers, and geeks.

I wasn’t interested in doing a County Fair nostalgia act; I wanted to do something brand new that captured the spirit and fun of the original Screen Savers. I wanted to make all those fans happy again.

And this month, we did it. Announcing a new Screen Savers for a new era: the era of makerbots and the Internet of Things. I give you The NEW Screen Savers!

I’ll be looking for you every Saturday afternoon at 3p Pacific/6p Eastern/2200 UTC on TWiT Live. Join us in studio by emailing tickets@twit.tv. We’ll be bringing back the Netcam Network, too, (minus the single frame per second framerate and telephone audio) so send us your questions at newscreensavers@twit.tv. And if you can’t be there live, download an on-demand version from our web site. Better yet, subscribe and never miss an episode.

TechTV was in 50 million households by the time Comcast bought it and buried it. Today TWiT can be seen by over 1 billion people all over the world. It’s time to show them what the Internet can do that cable TV can’t. I can’t wait to see you!

Battle The TWiT Army

generaltwit.pngThe TWiT Army has finally found a battle it might be able to win. The .comwars Tech Community Outdoor Laser Tag and Picnic this Labor Day, September 7, at Junipero Serra Park in San Bruno.
We’re fielding a team commanded by General Colleen Kelly with buck privates Tony Wang, Erik Lanigan, Lisa Kentzell, Mike Kentzell, Abby Laporte, and me. (We can have up to 10 players so I’m going to recruit a few more TWiTs – preferably someone who can run through the woods without stumbling on a log or crying for his mommy.)

makeloveandwar-combat1.jpgYou can come and watch for $15 which includes a catered picnic lunch, or field a team for $52/player which includes rental of state-of-the-art radio-based Battlefieldsports outdoor lasertag equipment rented from specopsliveplay. We’re looking for a few teams we can beat play – I’m talking to you Google and Apple! Sign up at SFLaserTag.org.

Thanks to Ziggy and Funcrunch for putting this cool event together!

2008 in 40 seconds

2008 was a difficult, contentious, exciting, and ultimately momentous year, but while the affairs of men boil away, life and nature serenely continue on. This beautiful time lapse movie from Erik Sondheim really captures the eternal heartbeat of life.
It’s worth the trip to Erik’s site to see how he did it and watch the full two minute HD version. Good news: he just got a 5D Mark II so next year’s video should be even more mind boggling.

Here’s to a happy, peaceful, and prosperous 2009 for all of us all over the world.