The Old Prospector

4 November 2019 Gulf of Aden, Red Sea

Here is Lisa’s picture of the Old Prospector in Petra. The stamp is Lisa, doing her daredevil act on the ramparts of King Herod’s fortress in the desert, Masada.

We’re now sailing south on the Red Sea toward the Gulf of Aden. We’ve completed the “Safe Haven” drill in case of pirates. Apparently the Gulf of Aden is somewhat risky, pirate-wise. We’ve taken on additional “security crew” and the ship will sail lights out for the next few days. If the captain calls “Safe Haven” we have to move away from the windows into the corridor. In “the unlikely event the ship is taken by pirates” we’re advised to do what they say. We will.

Meanwhile the band is playing on the pool deck and we’re enjoying smooth seas and warm sunny days.

Love from the edge of civilization.

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