So Long and thanks for all the fish…

The New Screen Savers on hiatus

I was so excited when we launched The New Screen Savers” three-and-a-half years ago. Since then it’s been one of my favorite shows in our line-up and a great way for us to showcase products and ideas that don’t fit any of our other shows. But doing justice to that mission makes it the most complicated and expensive show on TWiT. We’ve been trying to do a network television show on a podcaster’s budget.

As you know, TWiT is a bootstrapped operation. We have never taken investments; we can only spend as much as we make. And if a show, however much we love it, can’t pay for itself, we just can’t afford to do it. Unfortunately, “The New Screen Savers” just hasn’t developed a big enough audience to pay for itself. So, as much as it breaks my heart to do this, we’re going to end its run December 29, 2018.

Part of what made The New Screen Savers” special is the many former TechTVers joined me as co-hosts including Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, Megan Morrone, Martin Sargent, Robert Heron, Roger Chang, Sarah Lane, and of course, Kate Botello. TWiT regulars like Jason Howell, Jason Snell, Jason Calacanis, Ron Richards, Iain Thomson, Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ, and others have stepped in as co-hosts as well. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

We thought it fitting that Patrick and I host the last live episode together on December 22. The Best of 2018 show will post on December 29, 2018. The entire back-catalog of episodes are available to watch anytime at

But wait, there’s more.

Know How
Iyaz Aktar started Know How…” in 2012 to highlight a variety of how-tos and DIYs. Since then, hosts Iyaz, Fr. Robert Ballecer, Megan Morrone and Florence Ion, Jason Howell, Sam Machkovech, and I have shown you everything from building computers, drones, soldering, Raspberry Pi projects, LEDs, smart devices, and gaming. We’re also ending its run this month but we’ll move some of the content into a new show coming in early 2019. The last episode published on December 20, 2018. You can see all “Know Now…” shows anytime at

This Week in Law

After talking with Denise Howell, we all agreed that “This Week in Law” will also end in early 2019. Denise and her panel of legal minds covered the wide spectrum of topics related to law and tech, including Intellectual Property, privacy, copyright, regulation, and the ever-expanding segment of animal selfies. The last episode will be January 11, 2019 at 3p Pacific. As sad as this news is, I’m thrilled to say Denise’s brilliant legal mind and entertaining style will take on a larger role on the network going forward with regular appearances on “This Week in Tech” and “Triangulation.” All of the TWiL shows will remain available at

I know you share my sadness at losing these three shows. We don’t cancel shows lightly, but we also understand it’s part of the process in keeping TWiT fresh and vital. And every ending brings a new beginning. We’re working on a new show we’ll unveil early next year. More about that later.

We all work every day to fulfill our mission to bring you the best tech programming on the Internet. As always, I thank you for your continued support. TWiT wouldn’t exist without you.

14 Replies to “So Long and thanks for all the fish…”

  1. Aw, man… “The New Screen Savers” has been one of the really enjoyable shows because you guys seem to take a more relaxed tone and the way you cover a number of different topics means that there’s always something of interest. I will admit that I was concerned about what was going to happen with “Know How” and its end wasn’t much of a surprise. It hasn’t been the same since Father Robert left. (I never watched TWiL, I admit.) Losing TNSS is a punch in the gut though. I looked forward to each one. 🙁

    Ironically, I saw this post from Google+, which is another place I’m sad to see going away.

  2. I have to agree with John. I really enjoyed watching TNSS, and I will miss it a lot.

  3. Leo,
    Thanks for remaining agile. Thanks for having the courage to keep the network healthy, even if it means ending shows I like. I have been disappointed when you had to end several shows I liked, but after a while, I forgot about them. I love TWIG, TWIT, and MacBreak. Keep those going and I will be most happy. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. It will give me an excuse to stop by to be in the audience again.

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  5. I loved the original Screen Savers. When I was in school in Florida I watched it every day after class. Then I moved back home and we didn’t get TechTV. We finally got it just in time for Comcast to kill it off. Sadly I didn’t get to watch the new version as much as I would’ve liked. I’ll be sure to catch up on back episodes though.

  6. This is so sad, I really loved TSS, and TNSS filled the void tech TV left, thanks for the shows Leo, and please try to snatch Patrick to twit, he is a great guy

  7. I was thirilled upon returning from an expat role outside of the US, to find out you relaunched tss. I was gutted when CNET changed to some testosterone loaded man channel, only keeping the show about video games. Loosing your shows the first time left me with a true sense of loss.

    Your approachable style and occasional self deprecation just made you real, honest, trustworthy. You raised my tech game and helped me hone skills that led to a great graphics career. You made learning ( gag, I’ll say it ) really fun. The show had quality content but also was great entertainment, keeping it light, fun!

    Upon returning to the US a friend and fellow follower of the original tss, told me out about the relaunch, and I was ecstatic. Finally a show I Loved, not Trading spaces for fucks sake, got a second shot. It felt like home.

    And then… fuck, not again. Fingers crossed you have success in your future endeavors, enough for maybe another shot?

    Thank you for all your hard work, launching a high level network quality show on utube was maybe too forward thinking at the moment. YouTube has a lot of work to do figuring out how to promote quality production network ready shows. They seemed currently to be more interested in promoting stupid people that have become famous for no legitimate reason, like vaping clouds and flipping water bottles. It’s the bizarro world there right now at YouTube. But they are so siloed and deep in group think that any success YouTube has managed seems to be despite itself, not because of themselves.

    Fingers crossed there will be a n-nss sometime soon, with a big get the word out campaign.

    Success in your future endeavors!
    Best, Eric Curtis.

  8. I was a huge fan of TSS on ZDTV/TechTV. It had a huge influence on me. A few years ago, I was very excited to see the rebirth of the show. I watched almost every episode of TNSS as they were released. I am very sad to see the show has been canceled. I hope it can come back again.

  9. I was expecting to hear something about the Ring doorbell spying on people but I didn’t hear anything about it. Also, can we please stop referring to trump as a “president” ? There is nothing presidential about him. Thank you for Security Now, The New Screen Savers. I sure do miss Boot Camp and Call For Help. That was great television and I don’t know why Tech TV just ruined themselves like they did.

  10. I am new to Word Press, per raves from Leo Laporte so not sure if my previous message came through or not. I am still trying how to learn how this works and might consider paying if this goes the way I expect it.

  11. I will miss this show too. But I am sure whatever replaces it will be good to watch.

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