Neil Armstrong Deserves Better

Just saw First Man and I’m so disappointed.

Never mind that a key scene in the movie never happened, but how do you take one of humankind’s greatest achievments and drain it of all interest? The chief focus of the film seems to be Armstrong’s inability to say he loved his sons. Claire Foy, as Armstrong’s long-suffering wife, is wasted. She’s all blue eyes and pouty anger, with none of the simmering power of her young Elizabeth in The Crown. It would be pretty hard to waste Ryan Gosling‘s scant talents, but is that supposed to be a Wisconsin accent? Yah sure, you betcha. At least he didn’t get to sing or dance. Or emote.

Hollywood obviously wanted to reward Damien Chazelle for his Best Picture Oscar last year for La La Land, one of the saddest movies of the year. Oh yeah. Except Moonlight won. Ron Howard would have done a better job. Stephen Spielberg would have done better. Adam f*ing Sandler would have been better. Well maybe not, but you get the idea.

This is not the movie Neil Armstrong or any of the heroes at NASA deserve.

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