Postcard from La Corrida

Friday 7 September 2018

Hello from the Costa del Sol!

We’re sailing out of Malaga, Spain at sunset. The band is playing at the pool, we’re nibbling on our nightly in-room caviar (!), and editing our photos.

The big decision tonight is where to eat dinner: Italian night on the back deck, steak at the Thomas Keller grill, or the Chef’s Dinner in the main restaurant. I’m lobbying for the sushi bar; I hear the toro is really good. There’s always in-room dining. Life is so tough shipboard.

Malaga is a pretty little vacation town. The flip side is the view from the old Portuguese fort overlooking the town bull ring. You can see our ship in the distance. We took a tapas tour with Fernando, a philologist who loved talking about how many English words came from Arabic. We’ve been blessed to have exceptional guides on this trip. They’re all locals with great style and stories.

Tomorrow, Cartagena, a town founded in the 3rd century BC. Cartagena comes from the Arabic words for New Town. New indeed!

Love to you all,