Beautiful Barcelona

Hams at the Barcelona Market
Jamon Iberico – the pigs are fed acorns, we are fed the pigs. The circle of life.
Lunch at the Bouqueria
Not only a market, Barcelona’s Bouqueria is also a great place for a snack or a full meal.


Seal of the Spanish Inquistion — 16th Century
Nobody expects the Seal of the Spanish Inquisition


A 13th century “sign” carved into the Barcelona Cathedral pointing to the community well about two meters away
The medieval carved head is a sign indicating that this street, The Street of the Mural Painters, is home to several brothels.
My beautiful traveling companion.
Love is love is love is pink pantyhose.
Rainy street scene
It rained hard on Sunday but that only made the city more beautiful.

Plaza Reial

Plaza Reial just off La Rambla, a perfect place for dinner and people watching

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  1. The black and white wins the photo award.

    Miss you but glad you are enjoying the trip.

  2. Cafetería at the top is El Corte inglés affords you view of plaza Catalunya.

  3. Really nice photos, Leo.
    Great Job that I appreciate you and Lisa.
    Make sure you take the Tax Deduction!! Ha Ha

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