Bye-Bye Birdie

Dead-Twitter-Bird.pngI’m just done.

Yesterday I deactivated my Twitter account and kicked Tumblr to the curb. A couple of weeks ago I did the same with Instagram. A month or so before that I killed Facebook. And I survived. No, thrived!

Call me a recovering social media addict minus the withdrawal. I do have a read-only Twitter account with links to news sources. If someone famous dies, or there’s an earthquake, I can go there. Otherwise the daily spew of outrage and bile can go on without me.

If you used to follow me on one of those sites you can follow me here, instead. Or on I’m also playing with Mastodon – so far it’s much more civilized.

I’ll post my best pictures on Flickr and Smugmug. I’ll send actual postcards to my family (thanks to Bill Atkinson’s PhotoCard).

Lisa and I are heading out tonight for a cruise around the western Mediterranean. It’s my goal to post a picture a day here.


If The Donald has something to say he can leave it in the comments. See you in a month!

10 Replies to “Bye-Bye Birdie”

  1. Can’t say that I blame you, Leo! See you on

    I also want to point out that on my Mac anyway, the “Micro Blog” link in your Blogroll, to, is failing to resolve.

    1. Yeah there’s something wrong with the DNS. works – I’ll fix it.

      One of the best reasons to use WordPress is MarsEdit - – thanks Daniel!

  2. Looks like a Seabourn cruise from the way the map is rendered. Our favorite line. Doing the Adriatic and Greek Isles cruise in October with a bit of time in Venice. Can’t wait! Wish you the bon-es of voyages!

  3. Well done Leo. Thanks for sharing your break with the toxic forms of social media – setting a good example. Will check out your alternatives. Enjoy the trip.

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