You Can Go Home Again

wordpress-logo-simplified-rgbI’m back home.

For years I ran this site as a self-hosted WordPress blog. Nearly a decade, in fact.

I set up Leoville in September, 2007 as a refugee from Vox (remember that?) That was the blogging platform that convinced me to own my own content. Many of the missing pictures and links on this site were left behind in the migration from Vox. They’re lost forever. (If anyone at Six Apart knows where the Vox content is warehoused let me know!)

Prior to Vox I had used every blogging platform under the sun (including Grey Matter, Blogger, Movable Type, and Typepad). But WordPress was the best. I won’t go into the reasons I moved away, but I’m very happy to be back. And the advantages of using instead of self-hosting are guaranteed to keep me here for a long time.

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32 Replies to “You Can Go Home Again”

  1. Dear Leo,
    The reasons why you have moved back to WordPress would be really interesting. Probably, it is a common consideration for bloggers, what would be the mostappropriate platform for their own purposes. But I understand this could be quite an effort to blog about.

  2. >> And the advantages of using instead of self-hosting are guaranteed to keep me here for a long time.

    Isn’t your advice on TWIT podcasts to own the content you create? In this case, isn’t hosting all your posts?

    1. Owning your content doesn’t mean you have to host it on a server in your closet! That’s neither practical nor possible for most users. Owning your own content means posting it on a site you control (and can backup) as opposed to a platform you don’t control, like Facebook or Medium.

  3. Guess I been using WordPress from Version 1. Running on Linux a self host type. I started a blog on rolls of paper then typed in on a TRS-80 then Commodore 64 then looked for what would be good on Linux and found WordPress. Just looked back on my 1st post on it December 25, 2004. I typed can’t get it to work with a LAN IP and open port at the same time.

    1. Just check how much my WordPress is using “129.35 GiB 469.36 GiB” from phpsysinfo. Got it on a 128GB USB 3.0 stick. the 1st number is what I am using and the 2nd the full size. Got a lot of videos of photos on my self host WordPress. The on I have on line that had to log in to to post here only has 3GB free why over my all most 130GB using now.

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