Here’s a new UWP TWiT App



Got a very nice email today from David Neptune that will make our Windows Phone 10 users happy:

Good morning!

As a long-time listener to many of the TWiT shows (Love Windows Weekly, Know How and Coding 101), and a hobbyist windows developer, I built a solution for myself to make sure I could easily get to all the live and prerecorded content you have to offer.

Using your relatively new API and the Windows 10 UWP platform, I have sent a new Media Player app into the Windows 10 Store which should be up later today at

Leo has commented many times that Dmitry Lyalin was going to update his app… he must be busier than me 😉

In any case, today’s drop is for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. I’m working out some UI input issues with Xbox One but hope to get that client out as soon as Microsoft allows.

I tried to leverage as much data goodness as I could squeeze out of the

API, but please let me know if there’s anything you like or don’t like about the app and I’ll adjust it for you.

Thanks for everything you do!

David Neptune


Thank you, David! Looking good, too!