Talk Less, Blog More

Lisa bought me this spoon on Etsy. I love it! 
Lisa bought me this spoon on Etsy. I love it! 

I don’t need another iPad. No one does. That’s probably why sales are plummeting. But I bought the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro anyway. Hey, it’s my job. I also have a secret agenda. I’m betting it will be the perfect blogging platform.

Two new features intrigued me.

It’s the first iPad to have a real camera. The same excellent camera, in fact, that comes in the iPhone 6s. That means I’ll be able to shoot stills and videos right from my blogging tool. I’ve tried that with the iPhone 6s plus and the Galaxy S7, but typing on those things is impossible for those of us with sausage finger syndrome (SFS).

And that’s where the new iPad’s itty bitty keyboard comes in. Now I can actually type my posts. It’s too early to tell whether it’s workable for SFS sufferers, but I’m using it right now and it’s not too bad. If I were an artist like Serenity Caldwell I’d even be able to sketch a little. I had hoped to do the same thing with Google’s Pixel C and the skinny Macbook before that, but neither quite suited.

With the Smart case the new iPad still is small enough to fit into my man bag, and light enough that I won’t mind carrying it all the time. And that means I’ll have the means to mash those keys wherever I am.

I can use the tiny Shure Motiv microphone to record high quality audio right into the beast. Which means I can audio blog, too. And I find it much easier to talk than type.

As the good book says, Alexander Hamilton wrote “like he was running out of time.” And, as a result, we know more of his thoughts and life than any of the other founding fathers. Hearing that has inspired me to talk less, blog more. Or maybe do both and in a couple of hundred years someone will write a hit musical about me. Maybe I should challenge Dvorak to a duel? Nah. I am not throwing away my shot!

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